ClearView: Dynamic View, Incredible Style

Arizona sees sunny days year-round. Its nice to soak up the natural sunshine, but sometimes you just have to escape the heat. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the sun from inside, without dealing with heat and glare? We have the solution: Hunter Douglas Silhouette ClearView. This before and after shows what this innovative new product can do for your space.
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premium window film entire valley

Premium Window Film: 5 Reasons You Need It Now

It’s heating up outside, with temperatures getting into the 100s every day now. Have your considered relieving some of summer’s issues with premium window film for your home? Don’t suffer another season at the mercy of the drastic heat. This product will be a lifesaver. Need more convincing? Here’s 5 reasons why you need premium window film now.

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Metallic Decor Makes a Statement

Metallic Decor is making a combination statement of timeless style and exciting trend. Which finishes do you love? The options are endless. From glistening surfaces to functional hardware, the metals in our homes coordinate to create the overall design. What are the latest trends? Which rooms do they work well in? Take a look at our ideas for incorporating metallic decor in your home, and get ready to make one big style statement.

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entryway decor

Entryway Decor: What’s Your Style?

It’s the first thing guests see in your home, and it greets you when you walk in after a long day…what kind of impression does your entryway decor make? Incorporating your personal style will create a warm welcome to anyone who enters. Are you looking for entryway decor ideas? We have a few tips…

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pet safe blinds

Pet Safe Blinds: Protect Your Furry Friends

Do you have a pet at home? If so, you know how curious they are. They can turn anything into a toy! You can’t always keep an eye on your furry friend, which is why it’s important to pet-proof your home. Child and pet safe blinds, shades, and shutters can save you worry, and keep your loved ones out of harm’s way. Take a look at a few reasons why pet safe blinds are a must.

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white decor

Style Your Space with White Decor

Have you ever considered decorating with all one color? It may sound a bit overwhelming–to be surrounded by the same shade–but think about white decor. It’s fresh, clean, and classy. You can pair white with any color. Personalize your design with pops of color, or go for the classic black and white design. When it comes to white decor, your options are endless. Take a look at some of our ideas for decorating with white.

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Luminette Privacy Sheers Hunter Douglas

Luminette Privacy Sheers: Discover Style and Function

Bringing the natural sunlight into your home can completely revamp your atmosphere. But, with the Arizona temperatures, it’s hard to bring in sunshine without bringing in the heat. Have you heard of Luminette Privacy Sheers? They give you the benefits of the gorgeous sunshine while taking away the trouble. Take a look at what privacy sheers can do for your home.

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room darkening

Room Darkening vs. Blackout Shades

Are you loving our weather right now?!? Waking up to weather in the 70s seems like heaven, but the days are getting longer, and summer is on its way. With the afternoons creeping into the 90s, it’s a reminder of what lies ahead. Are you prepared for the intensity of our sunny summer days? Have you considered room darkening shades or blackout shades? Is there a difference? Well, there is, and we’re here to help you find the best room darkening solutions for your home.
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woven textures

Woven Textures: Natural Design Ideas

Spring is here, summer is approaching, and the weather is beautiful. Don’t you want to spend more time outside? Nature can be so refreshing, but sometimes it’s hard to find time to enjoy the outdoors. So, why not bring it inside? Picture this: fresh elements, woven fabrics, bright flowers, and natural touches–the options are endless when it comes to bringing nature into your interior design. If you love the look of natural design, we’ve got some ideas for you.

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