3 Window Treatments That Will Make Your Space More Elegant

ThinkstockPhotos-470750193Many of us have that one window in our home that sits at just the right place, making it a huge focal point when you walk in the room. It’s a window that demands attention and can truly make or break your home décor efforts based on how you choose to treat it. Some of us find that we have 2 or 3 of these windows throughout our home and are looking for just the right window treatment to make that room look and feel more elegant.

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There are some important factors to consider when choosing an elegant window treatment for such a window, like the style and design of the room itself as well as the colors and themes already in use in the room. However, there are some window treatments that are simply elegant no matter what. Here are 3 window treatments that will add elegance to your room or space no matter what:

  1. Layered Drapes

There is no end to the way you can mix and match window coverings.  “Layering” is simply adding treatments on top of each other for a more custom and elegant look.  There are “functional elements” of a window treatment and then there are “design elements.”  By beginning with the necessary functional treatment such as honeycomb shades, roller shades, shutters, you have given your home the needed heat control and privacy.  Now you can add some sizzle to the room by taking those special windows and layering custom fabric or wood cornice or fabric valances or drapery panels.  Shutters look nice.  Now put beautiful fabric panels down the side of the shutters and BAM!… you’ve changed the look of your entire room.

  1. Pleated Drapes

When it comes to custom drapery, we typically design a 2:1 material/width ratio for a more elegant and full look.  This is basically using twice the fabric than the width of the window opening.  This allows plenty of folds in the fabric as it hangs, even when they are closed.  If you aren’t using a UV safe fabric lining sewn into the back of the fabric you’re missing the weight and luxury look of the treatment; and, the heat and sun will quickly fade the colors and degrade the fabric.  Without a good lining, they won’t last long, not here in the Valley.  There are several pleat designs that are popular today…  grommet style, pinch pleats of several different designs, goblet pleating and box pleats.  We have examples of popular drapery designs in our Scottsdale showroom.

  1. Shutters

Plantation shutters are a very popular way to decorate windows and instantly add elegance to any room. Shutters, like the ones we offer at Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery, are made with the highest quality materials. They are not only durable, but are easy to use and can be customized to match any color. You can choose dimensions of your shutters so they match the style of the room they are in. Try adding drapes with your shutters for even more elegance.

If you are having a difficult time knowing how to add the right amount of elegance to your room, call Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery to schedule a free in home consultation. We’ll send one of our experts to take a look at the specific room you’re working on and share our advice with you. Call 602-938-2885 today!

What Are Grommet Drapes?

ThinkstockPhotos-166616735Ever wonder what a grommet is? Next time you do, simply take a look at your shoes and pay attention to the round metal holes that your shoelaces go through. Sometimes referred to as eyelets, these are grommets and they are being used in many more places than shoes these days, including drapes.

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Grommet drapes and panels are especially stylish and popular right now because of their linear and simple design. To see how popular they are, all you have to do is flip through a recent edition of home decorating magazine. They are considered a very modern yet casual look and have been used to treat windows in many different rooms of the home. Plus, there are so many different patterns, colors and fabrics that can be used to create grommet drapes.

What makes the grommet drape unique from other drapes is the actual grommet itself. The plastic or metal eyelets along the top of the drape allow for a decorative hanging rod to pass through. This allows the drape to fall into clean folds that give it a layered look.

These days, grommet drapes can be found everywhere, but there was a time not that long ago when they were much more difficult to find. They either had to be custom ordered or hand made. Now, most home décor stores carry them in different styles and lengths.

Another reason why these drapes are so popular right now is because they can be used in so many different places. Not only are they used for standard windows, but also for French doors, sliding glass doors, large windows and picture windows. Grommet drapes have also been used to create a separation in rooms or instead of closet doors.

When choosing grommet drapes for you home, be sure to carefully consider the measurements of the window. For one thing, you do not want to end up with a drape that is much too short for your window. In most cases, you will want the drape to reach the floor or hang just below the windowsill.

The width of the drape is also important to consider. If you buy your drapes to match the width of your window, you will end up with a very flat piece of material when the drapes are closed. A good rule of thumb is to double the width of your window when buying grommet drapes. It also helps to use a rod that is 4-6 inches longer than your window on each side to account for the stackback of the drape.

You can learn more about grommet drapes by scheduling a free consultation with Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapes. We will visit your home and show you samples and ideas of what might work best. Call us today at 602-938-2885.

How to Hang Double Curtain Rods

116261805Some windows just beg for a layer of drapes. They are either just the right size or design that allows them to be treated with possibly a lightweight, thin drape against the window, with a heavier material out front. When used together, this layer of drapes gives the window and room a very distinct look.

The best way to ensure that both drapes look and hang correctly is to use a double curtain rod. A double curtain rod allows the drapes to serve their purpose while keeping things nice and clean looking.

Here are some important steps you should be sure to follow when hanging double curtain rods:

Where Will the Brackets Go?

There are some general rules that should be followed when it comes to hanging drapes. Most experts will say that you should place brackets at least 4 inches above the window frame and at least 2-3 inches away from the side of the window. This helps the window to look larger than it really is. Many will agree that the higher you hang your drapes, the more spacious the room will appear.

Mark and Mount

Once you have decided where you want your brackets, the next step is to mark the exact spot where they will be mounted. This marking step is critical and it is important that you take your time to get it right. When brackets are off even a little bit, it can have a drastic effect.

Now that you have marked off where the brackets will go, next go ahead and mount the brackets. Depending on what the walls of your home are built out of, you may find that you should use wall anchors or even drywall screws to ensure the brackets stay in place. As you get one bracket in place, use it to measure and make sure the other brackets go in where they should.

Hang Your Drapes

The brackets are successfully in place…now it’s time to hang your drapes. Start by working with the set of drapes that will hang closest to the wall or window. You might notice that your double curtain rod comes with two rods of different thicknesses. In this case, remember that the thinner rod is always meant to go up against a wall or window and is intended for the lighter weight of the two sets of drapes.

After the thinner drapes are hung with care, then turn your focus to the heavier drapes. Once both sets of drapes are up, don’t forget the details such as the end caps for the rods.

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For more help or tips on hanging drapes or to see some options on what drapes go together well on a double curtain rod, be sure to call Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery at 602-938-2885. Allow us to share our years of experience and expertise with you.


The Difference Between Wood and Faux Wood Window Treatments

blindsWhen attempting to find just the right window treatment in their home, people often find themselves facing the age-old question that has perplexed even the sharpest home owner for years: wood or faux-wood?

There is a really good reason for the debate between the two. They are both on the list of most popular window treatments in the world of home décor. Both offer high functionality and are easy to use in almost any setting. For all their similarities, there are some differences too, which typically make all of the difference when choosing between them.

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Wood Blinds

Perhaps the classiest of all window treatments, wood blinds are highly attractive and are a definite focal point in any room. They are generally lightweight and strong allowing for fewer ladder cords that can be distracting when it comes to blinds. People who use wood blinds are those who are interested in having the finest quality of material in their home. They are after the real wood look that can never be duplicated.

There are some negatives to wood blinds when compared to faux-wood blinds. For one, wood blinds are much more susceptible to scratches and cracking in high humidity. Real wood blinds are made from materials that are much more expensive than faux wood blinds, and can definitely put a strain on a homeowner’s budget.

Faux Wood Blinds

While there is no way to ever completely replicate the real thing, faux wood blinds come pretty darn close! Made from materials such as vinyl or PVC, they can be cut to the same width as wood blinds and when painted, look very similar. They are much less expensive than wood blinds. The materials used to make faux wood blinds make them moisture proof and scratch resistant. Faux wood blinds are easy to clean and care for and look great.

Some of the cons of using faux wood blinds include the fact that they are much heavier than wood blinds. This means they need more ladder cords, which can take away from their look. It also makes them more difficult to open and close, especially for large windows.

At Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery, we often see people who choose to use a combination of both faux wood and real wood window treatments. They might use faux wood in areas like the kitchen and bathroom where there tends to be more moisture in the air that could damage real wood. This allows them to use real wood blinds for specific windows that are more of a focal point in the home.

All of our blinds are made in the USA and use all metal components that stand up better to Arizona heat. Both wood and faux wood blinds can come in many different colors and stains depending on what look you are going for.

If you are still trying to decide which is the best option for you, give us a call at 602 938 2885. Give us an idea of what you are looking for and we’ll be able to give your our best suggestion.

Should I Use the Same Window Treatment Throughout My Home?

Drapery Part of the fun of having so many windows in a home is getting to decide the best way to treat them with coverings, blinds, drapes, etc. People sometimes wonder if they should try to stick to the same treatment throughout their home to give it a more consistent look.

While there are some definite advantages to using the same window treatments in the same room, there are no rules that say you must use the same treatments everywhere. You can feel free to get creative and try different things with different windows. However, before you make final plans on window treatments, here are a few things you should consider.

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Coordination is Still Important

Even though you are free to choose whatever window treatment strikes your fancy, you should definitely consider how your home décor coordinates from one room to another. When you can see the window treatments from one room to the next, you may want to make sure they coordinate one with another. For example, dark wood blinds in a living room that is adjacent to a dining room with white faux wood blinds may not look so great together.

You don’t necessarily have to match exactly, but keep in mind that there should be some sort of coordination. We have seen some people do this by using certain colors or fabrics that tie one room in with another. Take your time with rooms that adjoin to make sure you get something that will look good together.

Function of the Window

Some people get so caught up in matching or coordinating window treatments that they forget the treatment’s primary purpose. If you are hoping that the window will serve as a source of natural light, you will want to make sure you choose window treatments that help it do so, even if that means the treatment is different than what you have in another room. This is also true when it comes to privacy. Even though you might choose a light linen drape for an open window in the living area, that probably is not the best choice for the bedroom.

Consider the Room

You may find that a certain type of window covering is better fitted for the room it is being used in. Kitchens and bathrooms, for instance, will have much more moisture present than other rooms. Using faux wood or something else that is moisture proof may be the best choice for these rooms.

Again, there are no rules when it comes to how you want to decorate your home. You may already have something in mind that others would warn against. Go with what makes you happy. The good news, nothing is permanent and you can always make changes as you go.

For more tips on choosing the right window treatment for your windows, give Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery a call at 602-938-2885.

Can You Make Shutters in a Specific, Custom Color?

Shutters_43Plantation shutters are one of the most popular and best-looking window treatments offered on the market today. Boasting high quality craftsmanship and durability, shutters are sure to provide improved aesthetic in any room.

People choose to use plantation shutters in their homes because of their distinct look, ease of use and functionality. They can instantly add personality to a home. They can also be customized in style, shape and color to match the décor of the room they are in. Being able to customize the color is one bonus many people are interested in.

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Unlike other window treatments that come in standard sizes, shutters are customized to specifically fit the window opening they are designed for. The fact that they are not built until they are ordered allows for some customization that is not always available with other window treatments. This includes the color or stain that is used on the shutters.

When ordering, a person can choose any color paint or stain they would like the shutters to be finished in. They are not limited to just choosing the color, but also the brand of the paint as well as the specific sheen. This allows the person ordering the shutters to end up with exactly what they are looking for.

Being able to pick a specific color for shutters makes them a highly sought after window covering. It allows the customer to create a distinct look and feel in any room in their home. It also gives them range to tie in colors of furniture, rugs and other accessories to the shutters, which are often a huge focus in the room.

Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery works exclusively with Millwork by O’Hair of Lubbock, Texas to supply Phoenix with the finest plantation shutters available. Made entirely of white poplar, an exceptional hardwood known for its durability, our shutters are engineered not to warp, crack, or split, and are protected by a transferable lifetime warranty. Our finishes include top industry, environmentally safe, non-allergenic acrylic paints and stains.

If you have questions about a specific color or stain you would like to see your shutters match, give us a call at 602-938-2885. We can schedule a free in-home consultation to take a look at the windows in question and share our professional insight.

Why is There a Big Range of Prices for Shutters?

Shutters_36Shutters continue to be one of the most stylish and popular ways to decorate windows in any room of the house. They give both a traditional and contemporary feel at the same time. Using plantation shutters, for example, in a room instantly adds depth to the atmosphere of the room.

For those of you who have spent time looking for the right shutters for your home, you may have been surprised to see the wide range of prices when it comes to shutters. In some cases, 2 different sets of shutters might be same exact size and color, yet there is a huge gap in the pricing. Many of the customers we talk to at Arizona Blinds and Drapery ask why there is such a big range of prices for shutters.

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As with most products on the market, pricing often comes down to a few simple things – the quality of the materials used, the craftsmanship involved and size and shape.

Quality of Material

Even though some shutters may look the same when it comes to color and size, there can be a huge difference in the materials that were used to manufacture the shutters. Wood shutters, for example, will always be more expensive than shutters from vinyl or other man made materials. At Arizona Blinds and Shutters, we typically work with shutters made from poplar, which is an exceptionally hardwood known for durability.

Some manufacturers use finger jointed basswood in the frames and louvers.The problem we’ve seen with using finger jointed wood is that they are prone to shrinkage.  Considering that your new shutters will be living 2 or 3” from some very harsh climate, we don’t want our shutters to begin to “unzip” at those finger joints in 2 or 3 years.  We stay clear of finger jointed woods for our shutters.  We also use a full 1 ⅛” thick door frame, some of the less expensive shutters will be built with ¾” panel frames and are prone to warp over time.  Arizona Blinds is a manufacturing partner with O’Hair Shutters of Lubbock, TX.  Read more about the best built shutter in the US on www.ohair.com.

Other materials that are used in making shutters that can affect the price are paints and stains. There are different levels of quality when it comes to paints and stains and the costs involved directly contribute to the overall price of the shutters.


Not all shutters are built in the same way and with the same methods of construction. In an attempt to keep the price down, some manufacturers opt for quick and easy crafting methods that are definitely effective, but not necessarily the highest quality. All of the shutters at Arizona Blinds and Shutters feature time-honored methods of construction, such as mortise and tenon joinery, tension adjustable louvers, and a robust tilt rod linkage design using stainless steel staples. This ensures the shutters will last and continue to work well for years to come.

Size and Shape

Finally, the price of shutters can be heavily affected by the size and shape requested. Obviously, shutters that need to be customized for a specific window or for a specific place in the home will cost more. Costs of shutters will also be affected by the size of the windows and the width of the shutters used. Some people want their shutters to be a certain color or tone to match the décor of their home. These customizations are sure to play a role in the final price of the shutters.

If you are looking for shutters for your home and have questions about pricing, give Arizona Blinds and Shutters a call at 602-938-2885. We can have one of our professionals come take a look at your home and give you some options on what would work best.

What Are Pinch Pleat Drapes?

open up a room with draperyIf you have spent any time looking online for drapery ideas recently, you may have noticed that pinch pleat drapes are back in a huge way. Many designers as well as homeowners are falling in love all over again with the warm and inviting feeling that comes from using pinch pleat drapes.

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Pinched pleat drapes are named based on their design, which includes a pinch of fabric toward the top of the drape. The pinched pleats are spaced apart evenly and then weighted at the bottom of the seams. This allows the drape to fall smoothly and evenly to the floor while adding fullness to the overall look of the drape.

These drapes are typically hung using pin hooks that go through the back of the drape next to each pleat. The pins are then attached to either a traverse rod or rings that hang from a decorative rod.

You can find different styles of pinch pleat drapes including the three-finger, two-finger and French pleat draperies. Each of these uses a different method to design the pleat, which gives each of them a unique look.

One thing that makes pinch pleat drapes special is that they must be specifically tailored for the window they will be covering. It is not an adjustable style and those who choose to use them must decide early on if their drapes will be stationary or functional. Functional drapes are those that will open and close and will require more material and fabric to produce.

Measuring is an extremely important step when using pinch pleat drapes. Exact measurements are required to ensure the drape works properly and looks as good as it should. Many people who have tried to make these drapes themselves have struggled just to get through the measuring process.

When purchasing your pinch pleat draperies from a custom window treatment store, such as Arizona Blinds & Drapery, it is crucial that a professional handles the measuring themselves. Even the smallest mistake can make a huge difference in the end result.

There are some additional embellishments that can be made to your pinch pleat drapes that can have a very dramatic effect on the overall look. For example, some people add a banding down the side of their drapes. A solid or patterned banding definitely adds a nice look to the drapes. Others have added linings or specific top treatments to their pinch pleat drapes for effect. These small details can really help to set your drapes apart from others.

To see some samples of pinch pleat drapes, be sure to visit Arizona Blinds & Drapery in person or online. We can always be reached by phone as well to answer any questions you may have. Our number is 602-938-2885. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Should the Wood of My Shutters Match the Wood of My Cabinets?

GettyImages_178437569Once you have a vision of how you want your home to look and feel, it can be hard to see anything else. Not only is the vision burned in your head, but you might also feel like you want to see that look everywhere! You just feel like you cannot get enough!

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This is often true when it comes to choosing shutters for your windows. You may have something very specific in mind that you saw in a home décor magazine or a friend’s house. Once you saw these shutters for the first time, they instantly grabbed your attention and your focus and you will not be happy until they are hanging from your windows.

There may be one small problem…these shutters that you have grown so fond of just do not match your cabinets. Now what?

Many people have asked us for our advice on whether the wood of the shutters should match the wood of the cabinets in the home. The truth is, it really comes down to personal preference. There are some that hold fast to the idea that all woods should match exactly no matter what. This is based on years of tradition, which people often accept as the norm.

However, the most important person you should focus on pleasing when it comes to the décor of your home is you. Some people have used different woods or different colors when choosing shutters and cabinets and everything still looks great!

There are some subtle decorating methods you can use that can make a difference. Remember to focus more on the overall décor of your home and not just on the wood pieces. Even when the shutters and cabinets do not match, adding certain furniture or other large decorating pieces can make an impact. You may also consider adding drapes to add another focal point to your room.

Some people love the look of their cabinets and their shutters even though they are two different types of woods. One trick that can help to mask the stark difference in woods is to incorporate many different finishes and tones into your decorating. By adding in a variety of styles, you help take the emphasis away from the contrasting wood.

On the other hand, there are some people who would rather do whatever it takes to make sure the woods of their cabinets and shutters match. Keep in mind that, when you order your shutters, they can be painted or stained to match your cabinets. At Arizona Blinds, we will discuss this with you before hand so you know exactly what to expect.

If you have specific questions about matching shutters to cabinets, please feel free to call us at 602-938-2885. We are always happy to share our insight.

If I Move, Can My Shutters be Repurposed for My New Home?

78493391We understand why it would be hard for you to want to leave your shutters behind when you make a move. You may have chosen them yourself when you first moved in and feel a particular bond with them. It could be that you spent quite a bit of time choosing just the right shutters and now that you have a connection with their style and color, it is not easy to simply leave them behind for someone else.

People are constantly trying to come up with a way to take their shutters from their old home and use them in their new home. The truth is, unless your new home has windows exactly the same size as your old one, it can be pretty much impossible to use them in the exact same way.

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However, there are some very clever ideas out there about how you can repurpose your shutters for your new home so you do not have to completely lose out on their look. Here are just a few of those ideas:

Picture Board

Take your old shutter, clean it up and maybe give it a fresh coat of paint. Once the paint dries, hang it in your hallway or entryway of your home. Now it becomes the perfect place to hang photos of your family and friends. Simply attach photos with clothespins and you have a fun way to display your pictures rather than leaving them packed away in a box.

Toddler or Pet Gate

For those with toddlers or pets, you know how important gates can be. From keeping babies away from unsafe staircases to keeping pets away from rooms they shouldn’t be in, gates are a necessity. However, most gates specifically designed for babies and pets are rather ugly and bulky. Use the shutters from your old home to build a custom toddler/pet gate. This allows you to capture some of the feel of your old home with a functional purpose.

Kitchen Island

Use your old shutters as the sides of a do-it-yourself kitchen island. Not only will you be incorporating the look and feel of your beloved shutters, but you will also be creating a very unique kitchen island that your friends will rave about. There are many different ways you can customize your kitchen island with hooks and drawers. Again, this is something that is both practical and good-looking.


There are many different ways to include your shutters into shelves for your new home. They become strong focal points for any room and are a great way to add a rustic feel to your home. Use shutters for both the shelf itself or for the supporting piece underneath.

Hopefully, you can find a way to bring your beloved shutters along with you as you move and incorporate them into the design of your new home. For more ideas, please feel free to give Arizona Blinds a call at 602-938-2885.