How to Dress Up a Boring Area with Drapes

Vibrant curtains in modern homeYou may have already painted your room just the right color, found furniture that matches, and hung artwork that complements the color of the room, yet it still feels like something is missing. The room just does not seem to have the look and feel you were going for. It needs more color or more depth.

Did you forget drapes?

People sometimes underestimate the dramatic effect drapes can have in a room. The right drapes can draw in all of the other design and color in the room and make everything work together. They create a strong focal point and add a touch of refinement and culture to any room.

In some situations, simply adding drapes by themselves can be just enough to liven up an otherwise boring area in the room. Here are some ideas to consider when dressing up a boring area with drapes:

Patterns and Colors

As we mentioned above, drapes can instantly add sophistication and class to a room by introducing a strong presence of color or patterns. Drapes often draw the color scheme out from the rest of the room tying everything together. A pattern or color is the perfect way to break up the monotony of a neutral colored room. Most people prefer to use drapes instead of furniture to add patterns or colors to a room. This allows them to make changes more easily down the road.

Adding Texture

Because drapes are made from so many different types of material, they are great way to add texture to a room. A thick, heavy drape can be quite dramatic, while a softer lightweight drape can add just the right touch of texture. Using drapes in conjunction with furniture in the room can help liven things up and make the room appear more cultured. Try going bold with suede, velvet or tapestry style drapes to really enhance a boring room.

Make a Statement

Drapes are so much more than just colors and patterns. So much of the statement they make in a room has to do with their length and how they are hung. In most cases, the longer the drapes are, the stronger the statement is. Long, sweeping drapes add formality and drama to a room. Drapes hung in front of windows with other treatments such as blinds or shutters add depth.

The right drape can have a huge impact on any room in your house. If you are looking to liven up a room or make a dramatic change, be sure to check out the many different drapery options offered at Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery.

If you have specific questions about what is available or are just looking for ideas, give us a call at 602-938-2885.


Make a Statement With Bold Drapes

Drapery What can you do to draw more attention to the windows of your home? Try using drapes with bold colors and designs. This is also a great idea when you are hoping to make a dramatic statement to a room. Bold drapes can instantly add color and personality no matter how the rest of the room is decorated.

Use with Neutral Colors

Many homes in the Phoenix area come standard with neutral paint and flooring. Even those who are looking to sell their home or lease it are advised that neutral colors make a big difference. So how can you make a splash in those neutrally colored rooms in your home? Add a strong color or print in the mix with your drapes.

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Choose something that is daring, but still tie in with the general colors and hue of the room. The stronger the color, the stronger your exclamation point!

Draw Attention

Nothing is more eye-catching than color. When you are looking to grab the attention of someone who is entering a room, choose colorful drapes with a bold pattern. It is much more dramatic to add color to a room through the use of drapes than it is to paint a wall a certain color.

Use drapes to draw attention to a particular window in your room that offers a beautiful view. Or, use them to accent a entry way, such as Arcadia doors that lead to an outside patio.

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Tie a Theme Together

You may already have a room decorated with specific colors or a theme, but feel it still needs just a little something more. Dramatic drapes with daring patterns may be just the thing to tie all of the decorating together. Find the right drape to bring out the colors in your throw pillows or that contrast in just the right way with the paint color on the walls.

Mix and Match

It is definitely okay to mix and match colors when it comes to choosing bold drapes for specific rooms. Get creative with patterns to make your home unforgettable. There may be a specific color coordination that works perfectly for the setting you have created.

Because there are so many different choices available when it comes to drapes, including style, color and design, it is always a good idea to speak with an expert when making a decision. Arizona Blinds Shutters & Drapery has consulted hundreds of customers and interior designers in the past helping them to find just the right drape for their project. If you are looking for to make a statement with bold drapes, we suggest you give us a call at 602-938-2885. We are happy to set up a free consultation with you to discuss your specific needs.


Do I Need Solar Film on North and South Facing Windows?

Solar FilmSolar film may be just what you are looking for if you are hoping to cut down on home and office energy bills. Windows with solar film treatment are able to reflect sunlight and harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting your home from damage from the sun and keeping it cooler. That can be a big deal come summer time here in the Valley of the Sun.

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When your windows do a better job keeping the heat out, it means your air conditioner does not have to work as hard, which can lead to a cut in your energy bills. Most people who have lived in the Phoenix, Arizona area through a summer can appreciate a lower energy bill in June, July and August.

Windows most affected by the heat from the sun are east and west facing windows. These windows take on an enormous amount of heat during the day and are the best windows to treat with solar film.

People often ask if the need solar film on the north and south facing windows of their home. It depends on a few things:

Size of the Window

Generally speaking, north and south facing windows don’t see nearly as much heat as east and west facing windows do. However, if your north or south facing windows are larger than average, you do risk taking in more heat from the sun during the day. South facing windows tend to take in more sunlight than north facing windows. If you notice that the rooms in your home that have a very large north or south facing window are warmer than average, it may be a good idea to use solar film to help control the incoming heat.  Home builders don’t just insulate the east and west walls.  Because your windows are the weak point in your energy loss, radiant heat  still enters your home even where the sun isn’t shining directly.  Window films are “insulation for the glass.

Time of the Year

As the Earth rotates and spins through its various positions, it can definitely have an affect on how much sunlight is coming through your windows. In winter, your south facing windows will absolutely see more sunlight than north facing windows. This isn’t such a bad thing when you are hoping to attract the heat from the sun to warm your home. North facing windows will typically be more affected during summer months. While it may be easy to underestimate the heat coming from north facing windows in the summertime, it is definitely something that can have an effect on your home energy bills.

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Will it Affect My View?

Some people build their homes either north facing or south facing not only to avoid harmful and damaging sunlight, but also because they prefer their north or south facing views. They worry that adding solar film will affect these views.

One of the benefits of the Panorama window film we use at Arizona Blinds is that it is virtually undetectable and does not block your view. You’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite views knowing that your home is energy efficient.

To learn more about the solar film options offered at Arizona Blinds, give us a call today at 602-938-2885.

3 Unexpected Places You Can Use Drapes

501732143Because drapes come in so many different styles and designs, people are becoming more and more creative with not only how they use them, but also where they hang them.

We are used to seeing drapes hanging in front of windows throughout homes and offices. Some people try to add their own flair or distinction by playing with lengths and layers. What about the places other than windows that you wouldn’t expect to see drapes?

  1. Porches and Patios

Some outdoor gathering places offer lovely views, but not enough shade. Using draperies to create shade by strategically hanging them on a porch or patio will allow you to enjoy these areas more frequently. You will no longer have to wait until just the right time of day to sit and relax outside. Drapes add an element of décor and design to your porch and patio as well. You can get creative with how and where you hang them to allow your drapes to serve not only as shade, but also as a source of privacy when needed. Be sure to choose drapes that are made from the right material and color to avoid unnecessary fading.

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  1. In the Bedroom

Drapes can become a beautiful and unique headboard for your bed. Simply hang them at the desired height above your bed and see how quickly they add to the atmosphere of your bedroom. Some people have used drapes on boring solid color walls of the bedroom to add a splash of color and design. Drapes can also serve as a great divider in bedrooms, creating quiet, cozy nooks for desks or a reading space. We have also seen them used in lieu of closet doors, giving the room a dramatic feel and making it easier to get in and out of the closet.

  1. For Concealing

When you are looking to conceal the clutter of a laundry room or the messy room of toys drapes are a perfect solution. In the kitchen, small drapes can be used for pantry areas or even in the place of cabinet doors. They definitely add to the texture and tone of these areas and can be a quick cover for all types of hodgepodge. The best part is, there are so many options when it comes to style and design.

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Using drapes in unexpected places throughout your home adds style and is can be quite a bit of fun too! If you have questions about what types of drapes are best for specific ideas or certain areas, feel free to give us a call. We are happy to share our ideas with you!

Can I Use Car Window Tinting Kits For My Home?

Window TintingArizona is such a beautiful place to live, work and play, but without the proper protection, that hot summer sun can really take a toll. If you spend any time outdoors, it is vital to wear the right clothing and always wear sunscreen. When driving a car, it is helpful to wear sunglasses and have your windows tinted. What about your home? There are extra protective measures you can take to drastically reduce the temperature and protect your windows and the interior of your home. Obviously, you would not use car tinting to protect your skin. Likewise, your home also needs unique protective materials.

Experts in the window industry agree that car window tinting kits are not suitable for home window use. The properties and features of home solar protection materials are uniquely designed to insulate, to reflect, and to adhere to windows in residential properties. Car windows are structured differently and have different requirements based on safety, tinting laws, etc.

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The solar film window tint that Arizona Blinds recommends for our neighbors and clients is intended to reflect heat, as opposed to car window tinting kits, which generally provides materials that absorb heat. Absorbing heat on your home windows could do serious damage and would not bring the energy saving, cooling results you would hope to see with tinted window protection.

Beyond the heat absorption matter, there is a science behind the adhesive and method of applying window film to residences and it differs greatly from that of applying film to car windows. One of our most popular home solar window films, called Panorama®, is actually fitted inside the glass, giving you extra shade without the darkness of automobile tinting that would otherwise block your view.

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Residential solar protection and window film is an excellent way to enhance the coolness and energy efficiency of your home, especially with the hot Arizona sun beating down in the summer. It also provides protection for your windows and everything inside your home. Keep in mind that, just like there are unique ways to protect your skin, eyes and car from the heat, your home windows need special treatment, too.

We would love to talk more about your home window options and help you find the perfect window treatments for your home. Please give us a call at 602-938-2885.


Can You Replace Single Blinds if One Gets Damaged?

damaged blinds slatsNothing can ruin the overall look of your window treatment like one single damaged blind. Window treatments complete the look of a room and really set the style tone for your space. Letting one damaged piece throw that off is not worth it at all. Can single blinds be replaced if one gets damaged? Depending on the type of blinds you have, the answer is often, “Yes.” However, there are options to consider and information to know before you make that decision.

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If you have horizontal aluminum blinds or if your blinds are older, work out or a unique brand and style, the time and work it takes to find a match for your blinds and do the actual repair may or may not end up being worth it for you. Of course, the courteous team at Arizona Blinds will always go the extra mile to help you find exactly what you need to for any repair or upgrade, but it is important to look at pricing and replacement options before determining the best route for you.

The wood and faux wood blinds we carry at Arizona Blinds are easy to maintain and many of our products come with warranty options that protect you against any manufacturer damage. We do take care to provide the highest quality products and are always here to help you learn how to best use and protect the products you select for your home, office or other space.

Other types of blinds, including cloth and other vertical and horizontal blind varieties, can also be replaced, should a single blind become damaged. If you purchased the original product at Arizona Blinds, we will do our best to find the exact match for you. You can also bring us information you have on blinds that you purchased elsewhere or even bring in the damaged panel, and we will help you find a replacement or explore affordable options based on your personal style and circumstances.

Blinds are such a versatile window treatment option and can give you the perfect look for your windows. For proper blind care and maintenance tips, feel free to reach out to any of our friendly staff at Arizona Blinds. If you find yourself with a single blind panel or two that has been damaged and you would like our help in repairing or replacing it, stop on by or give us a call at 602-938-2885. We would love to help you get your window style back on track!


What Fabrics Will Break Down from the AZ Sun?

drapes1We often do not realize just how damaging the Arizona sun can be to our furniture and drapes. Unscreened or unprotected windows do very little to hold back harmful UV radiation rays. Long-term exposure to sunlight causes the color molecules in fabric to break down and eventually fade. This is bad news for drapes and upholstery.

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Because drapes take the brunt of the damaging sunlight, it is important to choose the right color and material to ensure they stand the test of time. While the sun can also damage furniture, carpets and rugs, they typically don’t see the same amount of damage as drapes do.

When choosing fabric and materials for drapes in your home or office, there are some important factors to consider that will make a difference in how long they withstand sun damage and fading.


Most of us are aware of the fact that light colors reflect sunlight while dark colors absorb it. It is sometimes easy to forget this when choosing drapes. Often, we are thinking more about how the color will match the design of the room, forgetting to account for fading. Light colors are more resistant to the damage caused by the sun and do not show loss of color as much as darker fabrics. Ultraviolet wavelengths are also better deflected by light drapes.


The material used for drapes plays an equally important role in preventing sun damage. When it comes to resisting damage, both natural and man-made materials have their own pros and cons. Research shows that synthetic materials tend to do a better job withstanding harmful sunrays more than 100% natural materials such as cotton. Drapes that are most effective in resisting harm from the sun are specifically designed with high-quality fade-resistant fabrics.  Our custom drapery that we sell is typically always lined with a thick, durable white lining to protect the fabrics, and, adds to the insulation value as well as the aesthetics of well hung, heavy drapery.

Window Treatments

Besides well-constructed, lightly colored drapes made from synthetic materials, there are other window treatments that do a very good job of keeping damaging UV rays at bay. These options include blinds, shades, shutters and solar film just to name a few. Each of these options have their own benefits based on where they will be used and for what purpose.  They are all very effective and can add value to your home. Window treatments increase energy efficiency in the home while adding to the décor.

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Arizona Blinds Shutters and Drapery has many different window treatment options to choose from. We offer the highest quality products at reasonable prices. If you’re looking to update or add window treatments to your home or office, give us a call to set up a consultation. Find out what makes us the best in the business.

What’s the Best Lining for Drapes to Keep the Heat Out?

drapesWhen it comes to keeping the heat out, sometimes drapes alone won’t cut it. Some people have tried using drapes made from heavy fabrics. This might make somewhat of a difference, but aren’t nearly as effective as using linings. Not only do linings provide insulation, they can also improve the way the drapes hang and look by adding body.

So which linings are best for keeping the heat out?

Blackout Linings or Drapes

Adding blackout linings to your drapes can definitely help with keeping the light and heat out. Constructed by adding two to three layers of acrylic paint to a fabric base, these linings can make a huge difference when added to drapes to block sunlight. They are typically tightly woven and thick to boost performance. While there are blackout drapes available as well, many people prefer linings that can either hang behind drapes or be sewn into the drapes.

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Three-Pass Linings

Similar to blackout linings, a three-pass lining is a polyester cotton based fabric with acrylic paint. This combination of materials creates a membrane to hold the sun’s damaging light and heat at bay. It’s perfect for those who still want to be able to highlight the beauty of their outer drapes, but still want the protection from the sun.


This is a process of adding a layer of material between the drape and lining or between two pieces of the drape fabric. Its purpose is to protect the drape from fading as well as the inside of the home or office from heat. Interlining is almost always constructed of cotton, but is sometimes made of flannel. They are designed primarily in neutral colors and are loosely woven to add greater insulation.

Bump Interlining

If you go back to the early nineteenth century in England, you would find that most homes used bump interlining or “English Bump” to shelter the interior from outside elements. This lining is made from heavyweight cotton flannel and is much thicker than other types of lining. In England, it was primarily used to keep out the cold, but it can also offer protection from the heat as well.

Solar Film Window Tint

Rather than adding an extra lining to drapes, some people prefer to have their windows covered with solar film. This is an excellent option when you’re looking to keep heat out. By reflecting the heat and reducing ultraviolet rays up to 99%, solar film tint definitely helps to keep your home cool and protect furniture from sun damage.

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If you’re trying to decide which lining option is the best for you in your home, we suggest you give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have or even schedule a free in-home consultation. We can be reached at (602)938-2885 and look forward to hearing from you soon!

What Color Blinds Will Go With My House?

One of the best parts of having a home or apartment is getting to decorate and make design choices for your living space. Whatever your tastes are, whatever your style preferences are, there are endless color choices, fabric choices, flooring choices, and, one of the most important choices of all, window treatment choices! Of course, blinds are an excellent choice for almost any set of windows. They are versatilblindse and are easy to adjust depending on how much light you want to let in. Still, considering the unique style of your home and décor, you might be wondering, “What color blinds will go with my house?”

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Here are 4 questions that might help get the “color wheels” turning, to start off.

1 – How small or large is the space you are selecting blinds for?

2 – What mood or atmosphere are you trying to create?

3 – What other colors are already used in the room?

4 – Do you generally prefer neutral tones or more colorful hues?

At Arizona Blinds, we have noticed that the most popular colors tend to be the neutral tones. This includes solid white blinds as well as the wood-tone blinds. White is seen as a clean, classic color and can often adapt through different trends and décor changes. It also helps smaller rooms feel more spacious. Wood tones can also compliment many different styles and offer a warm and neutral feel, although different tones can change the mood or atmosphere of the room. You might consider the material and color of the trim and other elements in your home, too. These things can impact the feel and design that you are looking for and might help you decide if neutral is the right choice for blinds in your home.

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For those who are not quite sold on the ever-popular neutral choices, Arizona Blinds is also the perfect place for you! We know that your window treatments are also part of your décor and your choices of blinds can make a marvelous statement of style in your house. From deep wood-tones to pops of color that bring your room to life, there are options to consider outside of the basic blind colors. Our design team specializes in knowing when and how to implement color and can help you decide on the perfect option for you.

We would love to visit with you over the phone or set up an in-home consultation to talk about the variety of blind colors we have available. Please give us a call at 602-938-2885.

I Have a Modern House, What Type of Window Treatments Should I Use?

There are a variety of window treatment options that can compliment the clean lines and chic simplicity of your modern home. Whether you need an easy-to-maintain product, are hoping to make a statement with your window treatment choice, or just want a practical option that provides privacy and security, there are many treatments that will accommodate your needs and will fit the look of your modern space perfectly.Modern House

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When searching for the perfect window treatments for your modern house, you do not have to choose between practicality and creativity. Shades are a terrific choice that provide both! At Arizona Blinds, we have several types of shades including cell shades, roller shades, roman shades and woven wood shades, and many of them are available with different opening and closing options. The sleek and compact structure of most shade products makes them an attractive option to those looking to continue the clean lines of modern interiors.

Drapery is a classic window treatment option and the possibilities are almost endless with modern styling. Our expert designers know that adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room or creating interest with texture or pattern can really take the contemporary appeal of a room to the next level. You might consider lighter fabrics to accentuate the fresh feel of a light, modern room, or you could check out heavier fabrics to provide some drama and contrast to the simple and straight surroundings. It is also helpful to consider functionality and features available with drapery, such as finding drapes that add privacy or help cool down your home, etc.

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Whether it is the way your house was built or the latest style you’re into, finding the perfect window treatments is an essential step in completing that modern look. Shades are versatile, practical, and there are plenty of types to choose from to fit your chic and simple motif. Drapery is always a wonderful way to go and you are sure to find the colors, fabrics and textures to complete the look you want for your home. Either way, we hope you give us a call and let us help you find the right fit to finish off the modern styling in your home.