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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Windows

Spring has sprung, meaning it’s time to get down and dirty and get your home sparkling clean! Don’t forget about the


so you can have a nice clear view of the spring day outside without looking through dirt grime stuck on from winter. Hiring a professional to

clean your windows

can be expensive so here are five

do-it-yourself tips

that will help you efficiently clean the windows in your home.

1. Gather your tools – Get an old t-shirt or soft cotton rag, not a towel (they leave lint behind!). You also may want to consider investing in a squeegee rather than only using rags. It’s more sustainable than paper towels and helps get a streak free shine. You will also need a bucket for your cleaning solution and rag.

2. Save money on cleaning solution – Consider making your own instead of spending a ton of money on window cleaner. Mix one tablespoon liquid dishwashing detergent with one quart water for a safe and non-toxic cleaner.

3. Use this cleaning method – Dip your rag in the soapy water, wipe the window, then squeegee it clean. Wipe horizontally on the inside and vertically on the outside so if there are streaks, you know which side of the window they are on.

4. Avoid direct sunlight – When you clean in direct sunlight, the water will dry too quickly and leave streaks. Wait for a cloudy day or clean them in the early morning or late evening.

5. Polish for extra shine – Buff the window with some dry crumpled newspaper afterwards. This will give your windows extra shine and help them be resistant to dirt in the future.

Once your windows are clean, give them a fresh new look with one of Arizona Blinds’ window treatments. We have light draperies for spring and dark blinds to keep the hot sun out during summer!
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