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Add Outdoor Drapes to your Gazebo

Add Outdoor Drapes to your Gazebo

Having a


can take any homes’ backyard to the next level! While gazebos are great for blocking direct overhead sun- especially around noon each day, they don’t give you the control to

block the sunlight

all day long. A great way to block the sun from coming inside the gazebo all day long, and all year round for that matter, is with

exterior drapes


Drapes that are made out of

outdoor friendly and weatherproof fabric

are the perfect solution to any homeowners sun related gazebo issue. The great part about adding drapes to your gazebo is that you can have fun with the fabric and add style to your outdoor patio! Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose a bright or bold patterned fabric to make a statement, or simply choose something more basic that will blend in with your gazebo, your home and your landscaping.

Gazebo’s make for excellent entertaining areas – you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner under yours, as long as the sunlight can be properly controlled. Drapes allow you to completely enclose the gazebo, or simply block out the direct sunlight by untying the drapes, depending on the time of day.

Outdoor drapes allow homeowners to

control and block the sun

, no matter the time of day. Our design experts can help you choose the perfect fabric for your gazebo – you’ll be enjoying the shade under your gazebo in no time!
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