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Be Inspired by the Colors of the Desert

Colors of the Desert

Inspiration comes from all around. There is no right or wrong answer to what you can be inspired by; a favorite painting of yours, a specific shade of blue you see in the sky each morning, or even a feeling you get when you walk through your hometown. There is no limit to where your inspiration can come from so why not look at the world differently and get inspired by things around you?

As spring comes to an end and summer begins, at Arizona Blinds we cannot help but be inspired by the beautiful desert that Arizona has to offer. Everything from the


to the


to the ever-changing colors that makeup the desert landscapes we live near inspire us in our daily designs. Our advice to you: Let the colors of the desert inspire you in ways you never knew it could.

We take inspiration from everything we can, and when it comes to choosing colors for a home’s

window treatments

, we cannot help but draw inspiration from the blues in the sky, greens and yellows in the plant life and the wide range of neutrals that we see in the ground, the mountains and the shadows that makeup so much of the desert.

When it comes to

accessorizing a home

, choosing colors can be difficult. You may find it easy to decide on one color, but figuring out which colors compliment your choice is tough work. Deciding what color matches with what and how much of each color to use is where a lot of homeowners lose their way. Nature is a great place to draw inspiration from.

A great tip is to choose a photo from nature and follow that as your color guide. Firstly, be sure to choose a photo that has colors in it which you respond positively to and colors you would like in your home. From there, you can take parts of the photo and use them in different ways. Mother Nature is the best tool. You will never have to worry about matching the right shades of colors together; as long as the colors come from nature, you are sure to make an aesthetically appealing and design friendly choice.

How to incorporate colors from the desert into your space:

Taking the picture above as inspiration, think about what each color in the photo does. The blues and yellows pop just as accent colors would, while the varying shades of greens and neutrals blend and work as the base colors.

The neutral sand or pale green from the plants can create great base colors for the walls. Whichever you choose for the walls, use the other for the main furniture piece. Once those colors have been added to create your rooms’ base colors, you can start adding in the blue and yellow accent colors.

Because the color blue is more calming than yellow, we suggest taking the blue and using it in your window treatments and incorporating smaller pops of yellow into your room in pillows and small accessories.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and often times comes when you least expect it. Instead of ignoring the inspiration, embrace it, and maybe even base your home’s interior design off of it!

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