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Block Out the Sun For Your Teenager with Black Out Shades

Blackout shades

It is no secret that most teenagers don’t only like sleep, they love it! With the constant emotional, physical and mental growth teenagers are facing, it’s no wonder why their needs for sleep differ from that of adults.

In fact, The National Sleep Foundation stresses the

importance of sleep for teenagers

by urging them to get a minimum of eight to nine hours of sleep each night.

Sleep Graph

Given this need for sleep, it’s important to make accommodations to your teen’s bedroom that will make it more conducive to their sleeping habits. However, maintaining the integrity of the decor in the room while also incorporating these accommodations is often viewed as a near impossible task, but fear not! This is anything but impossible!

Black out shades

are a product that have always been a popular choice with those teenagers who love sleeping in and don’t want to be woken up early on the weekends. However, when it comes time for them to ask mom or dad for this specific product, most parents immediately picture a simple black drape that detracts from the room’s décor.


black out shades

have come a long way in terms of design and there are more styles and options to choose from than ever before!

Black out

shades look virtually the same as any other types of shades,

drapery or window treatment

you would choose for your home do. You have the option of choosing from a variety of styles, and you also have the flexibility of

custom designing

them to fit your home.


benefits of black out shades

extend beyond the needs of your teenager and can also help your home become more energy efficient. By adding black out shades, you can limit the amount of sun exposure the room is getting and keep it cooler without having to crank up the air conditioning.

With so many benefits, it’s difficult to refute the practicality of adding black out drapes to rooms in your home. Take the opportunity of a new school year to surprise your teen with these effective shades. You will not only be investing in the energy efficiency of your home, but you will be investing in your teen’s productivity!
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