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Customized Shutters That Fit Perfectly in Any Window

Custom Shutters Fit All Shaped Windows in Phoenix

Is your

Phoenix home

made up of architectural details that add visual interest and character to your home? If so, chances are those

architectural details

also add a bit of havoc to your life when it comes to decorating around them. Windows can be one of the toughest areas in a home to decorate for and design around, especially when they are uncommon sizes and shapes. However with our

custom shutters

, that problem becomes an easy fix in no time!


are an excellent window treatment choice for those homes that have a lot of architectural detail incorporated into the windows, meaning the home that has uncommon shaped windows. As mentioned before, our shutters can be customized to fit any size and any shape window, no matter how rounded or narrow they may be! Have an overly sized window that draws a lot of attention, but can’t seem to find the right window treatments to block out the strong Phoenix sun? Custom shutters are the solution.

A common architecture trend seen in homes around the valley is to have arched windows placed right above your more common square or rectangle windows. This adds style to a home, lets in ever more light when wanted, and resembles the Phoenix sun ever so slightly.

The simple window with straight lines is easy enough to decorate for—drapes, blinds and shutters are all viable options. However, the confusion typically begins when attention is put on the half circle window placed above. Not all Arizonians are aware that shutters can be customized and installed to fit perfectly in all types of windows, leaving them with unwanted glares and added heat.

There is no need to stress over how to properly will dress your uniquely shaped windows anymore. With our custom shutters, we can fit any window and make it practical, stylish and easy to open and close! Schedule your free design consultation today to learn how you can get beautifully

customized shutters

in your

Phoenix home

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