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Frame Your View with Window Treatments

Frame your Window

Living in the valley of the sun comes with quite a few perks, great views being one of them! With gorgeous mountains and

desert landscapes

surrounding the valley in every direction, many homeowners are lucky enough to have views from the comfort of their own home. A lot of homes in the valley were built with those views in mind so much so that the windows often frame the view just as an actual frame would a scenic painting.

For those of you who have windows with views, framing out your window with the proper

window treatments

will help enhance the view and draw more attention to it by making it a focal point. There are a few different ways to

frame out your window


For starters, drapery will help frame either side of your view and draw the attention in. If you start the drapes a few inches in on either side of the window, you will not lose the view, but will draw more attention to it.

Another option is to go with something a bit simpler such as shades. Shades can help block out the heat, add privacy to your home when closed, and fold up tightly so that when opened, you are left with your beautiful view. Shades come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, styles and opaqueness. Depending on the location of your windows, darker or lighter shades will help block out the heat or let in more natural light.

Want something simpler? Try solar film. This product is ideal for the home that wants the view to be the only focal point. Solar film can be applied to any window and is nearly invisible to the naked eye. It blocks out the heat and light while allowing you to keep your amazing views.

Solar film

is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes due to its simplicity.

Don’t let your amazing view go to waste. Instead of hiding it with bulky

window treatments

, use them to your advantage and frame out your view to draw even more attention to it and make it a true focal point in your home.
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