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Fun Themed Window Treatments Any Child Will Love

Your child’s bedroom is the one area in the home that they can truly make their own. No matter what age, their

bedroom’s design

is an ideal way for a child to define themselves through stylistic elements and Arizona Blinds loves helping these imaginative young minds perfect the vision they have for their bedroom.


window treatments

are such an integral part of home décor, there are lots of different types of

window treatments

that will suit your child’s bedroom vision.

Here are a few possible window treatment ideas that will go with a fun theme your child is sure to love!

Children's room

1) Jungle themed room:


jungle themed room

is always a fun option when it comes to decorating your child’s room, and there are endless options when it comes to choosing the perfect window treatment for this particular theme.

Start off by choosing a unique curtain rod to hang the window treatments on. Using something that looks like a vine or a tree branch would be the perfect way to carry out the jungle theme in the drapery.

The next step is to choose the perfect drapery fabric to compliment the jungle theme. Choose a green or brown fabric that has a leaf design on it. This will give the illusion that the windows are trees and the room is actually in the jungle!

2) Under the sea themed room:

To transform your child’s room into an

under the sea

masterpiece, find the perfect water themed fabric! We recommend choosing something blue with bold texture or a fabric with multiple blue tones in it. Once you have your fabric, you’ll want to decide on full drapes. This type of window treatment will make the blue fabric look like waves. If you want to get really creative, choose a fabric with a blue and white color combination in a polka dot or swirl pattern to act as bubbles and currents that would naturally be a part of any underwater landscape.

Making your child feel like they are on an under-sea voyage is the ultimate goal with this room and there is no better way to complete that feel than by choosing the perfect draperies.

3) Princess themed room


princess room

is an excellent theme for your young daughter. Having a room be filled with bright pink colors, sparkles and sequins helps to encapsulate any child’s imagination and turn it into her reality.

The best type of window treatment for this room’s theme is a pair of solid drapes paired with an elegant curtain rod in either white or silver. To finish off the princess theme on the windows, add in a white fluffy or glittery tie-back to keep the drapes pulled back. Tie-backs are always an elegant choice, so by adding them to the pink drapes, your child will feel like she in a castle every time she glances out her window!

Every child has their own vision for how they want to decorate their bedroom. Keeping the theme alive on bedroom windows is a hard task, but these tips and tricks will help you carry the theme throughout the entire room, windows included!
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