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How to Mix Different Types of Window Treatments

How To Mix and Match Different Window Treatments

Mixing different types of window treatments

in your home is a way to break free from traditional home decor. Matching used to be the norm when it came to

drapes and shades

, but in today’s era, mixing is the way to go.

Mixing window treatments

is something that is easier said than done. Knowing which types of window treatments to mix is something that takes a little bit of consulting and is a trial and error process.

Here are a few easy tips that will make mixing the

window treatments

in your home a much easier process!


Layer your shades


The go-to way to mix the window treatments in your home is to start by having a few windows that utilize layered shades and drapes. For example, a window in your kitchen can have roman shades to serve the practical purpose of blocking out the sun in your home, while adding a top layer of decorative drapes incorporates some décor into the room. This is the most simplistic and practical way to go about mixing the window treatments in your home.

2) Choose colors and patterns that compliment:

Mixing the

colors and patterns of your window treatments

is something that can look artistic when done correctly, but it can also look disastrous if the wrong colors or patterns are chosen. Mixing patterns such as paisley and stripes can flatter a room much more so than combining paisley with floral. Knowing which colors and patterns work best together is crucial when properly mixing window treatments in your home. To get more tips on what patterns look better mixed than matched, click here: 3 Fabric Patterns That Look Better Mixed Than They do Matched.

3) Don’t be afraid to experiment:

Trying out different types of patterns and colors in your home is the only way that you will know which

window treatments

will mix best. Mixing two different types of décor together may be difficult to envision, but it’s possible that it will look brilliant once executed. Not being afraid to make bold moves is the key to discovering something that is ingenious and in style!

Unfortunately, it is difficult to have a foolproof method for

mixing window treatments

that will work in everyone’s home. The process of decorating requires experience and is something that varies by customer. However, these few tips, along with our expert design consultants, should help ease the process and make the mixed window treatments in your home the envy of your neighborhood!
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