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How to Use Textures from the Desert in Your Home

Use Textures from the Desert in your Home

When you look out into the Arizona desert and take time to enjoy everything it has to offer, you may start to notice more elements that can be incorporated into your home through

interior design

. The desert is home to many great attributes, unique textures being one of them. There is no shortage of texture in the desert, which is why the designers at

Arizona Blinds

love to draw inspiration from it that they can then incorporate into the homes’ of clients all over the valley.

Walking through the desert is a great way to see the wide variety of textures it has to offer. Take our state flower for instance, the Saguaro Cactus Bloom. This beautiful and soft flower grows on one of the harshest plants in the desert, the Saguaro Cactus. The juxtaposition of these two can be great

inspiration for any home



interior decorating

, one thing to keep in mind while picking the materials to use in your space is variety. No room will look or feel complete if everything inside is the same color, pattern and texture.

Colors and patterns tend to be the first thing people notice, but textures, while not as bold, are just as important. Just as the Saguaro Cactus Bloom balances beautifully with the infamous Saguaro Cactus, so will hard and soft materials in your home. Take a living room for example. If you have hard tile floors, pair them with a soft rug. Have a plush sofa? Pair it with two sleek end tables. Similarly, if your sofa is made out of a smooth fabric, pair it with a rug made from a more textured material. By mixing and matching textures and patterns throughout your space, you will create more depth and interest.

How to use this with window treatments?

If your room already has a lot of soft materials, adding wooden blinds or shutters will help compliment the soft with the hard. On the other hand, if your room has a lot of harsh lines, you can soften them up by adding in drapery or soft shades. The key to mixing hard with soft is balance.

Take a tip from Mother Nature; mix hard with soft and smooth with textured. Just because things are different doesn’t mean they cannot match and work together in one space. You have heard it before; opposites attract and in interior design, opposites produce some of the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Let the experts at Arizona Blinds help bring your inspirations and ideas to life!
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