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Practical Arched Window Treatments That’ll Work for You

Contrary to popular belief,

arched windows

are actually very treatable! While there are many ways to go about dressing your arched windows, we want to take you through the most practical and useful options we provide.

If your home is filled with arched windows that let in too much light when you don’t want it and not enough light when you do, keep reading because below are the three most practical window treatment options that’ll keep you in control of the light in your home.


Custom shutters

are the perfect window treatment for arched windows because they can be customized to fit into any window shape or size, while still giving you complete control over how much light comes in, and at what angles that light shines in. Talk about control!

Solar Film:

Solar Film

is a product that won’t give you the complete control that shutters do, however it will block out an extreme amount of sunlight, keeping your home darker and cooler in the hot summer months. Solar Film is just that, a film that goes directly onto the window and reduces ultraviolet rays up to 99%. This works to keep your home cool and protects your indoor furnishings from fading. Don’t worry—solar film doesn’t block your view! You will still be able to see out your window, no problem.

Shades: Shades are one of the most universal and versatile treatments we offer. They come in a wide array of materials, ranging from woven woods to strong fabrics, and a long list of types, ranging from cell shades to roman shades. Choosing the perfect shades for your home can be difficult which is why we happily offer free design consultations, either in your home or in our showroom. No matter which material or type of shade you choose, it will be customizable to fit into your arched windows, allowing you to control the light that comes in, and stays out.

Those are our top three most

practical window treatments

for arched windows. If control is important to you, shutters or shades will both be great choices. If control is not as important, solar film is a viable option. All three will easily fit into any arched window, so that should never be a worry of yours. Enjoy the process and leave the measurements and details to us. Visit our contact page to schedule your consultation today!
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