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3 Tips for Decorating with Green

This year, green isn’t just for Saint Patrick’s Day. Emerald green was recently named the Pantone 2013 color of the year. You may be thinking that this vibrant shade is too loud to use in your home, however when used tactically, emerald green can be an energizing and inviting color. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for selecting the perfect color scheme for decorating with the jewel-tone.

Try a neutral color scheme. This will allow a statement emerald piece, like a couch or


to stand out all while complementing the warm tones in the color. A monotone color scheme uses varying shades, ranging from light to dark, of the same color. Emerald is a strong color so you will want one deep emerald piece with two to three pale shades to balance it out. A helpful hint for creating a monotone color scheme is getting some paint swatches of the color you want to help select your shades. Don’t be afraid to carry those paint swatches with you when you go shopping! Remember the color wheel from art class? Well, according to that wheel, red is the complementary color for green. However, red and emerald green might make a room look a little too much like Christmas, so we suggest using a pale or soft pink or coral shade to complement the emerald. To keep the room from becoming too warm, make sure you add lots of white accents, like throw pillows or a window treatment, to emphasize the green. Follow these tips to decorate a rich, emerald accented room that will make you feel like royalty!  
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