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When It Comes To Your Home, Live With What you Love!

Considering that we all lead busy lives these days, it’s essential that we live in a stress free and happy environment. Your home can largely contribute to how you feel and act; if you dislike the

interior of your home

or are unhappy with the décor then you have a problem. Have some fun with your home decor and live with what makes you happy. First, think about each room in your home and what it is used for; this will help you determine how to decorate that specific room. For example, the kitchen is for cooking and eating, so you might want to pick a clean neutral color to avoid it looking messy or dirty. The living room is for relaxing or having guests over, so you might decide to go for a calm blue theme or a splash of bright color on one wall.

Think about what each color means. Here’s a list of a few of our favorites and how they may affect your mood:

Blue: A perfect soothing color that helps calm your mind and reduces tension; perfect for the bedroom and helping you to have a good night’s sleep.

Red: It can raise the energy level of a room. Red is an exciting and vibrant color, usually recommended for either a living room or dining room.

Yellow: This color can brighten up any room; it’s an uplifting and cheerful color. It should only be used in small sections of the house, such as hallways, in the kitchen or through accessorizing; large amounts of yellow in the home can lead to frustration.

Green: Considered the most restful color for the eye; it promotes a calming and refreshing living space. Recommended for any room at any time, just be sure to pick a relaxing shade of green such as sage, and steer clear of the brighter shades.

Neutrals: Even a basic and clean color scheme can be relaxing for a room, just add a hint of excitement with bright pillows or fun wall art.

Another aspect that can lead to a happier you is the lighting inside your home. Recent studies have found that natural light not only brightens your home, but can put a smile on your face and boost your health. It’s estimated that 90% of humans suffer from seasonal mood changes during the dark winter months and natural sunlight has been found to be the most effective treatment for kicking the winter blues. With the right blinds, shades, drapes or screens, you can control the amount of natural light entering your home, changing the mood whenever you want. To get the best results, match the window treatment of the room with the overall theme of the room. With the right color theme,

window coverings

and lighting, you will have a happier home in no time.

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