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When to Mix and When to Match Color in Your Window Treatments

How To Mix Window Treatments and Colors

To mix or to match: that is the age old question when it comes to decorating your home. Although both of these techniques are good options, some work better in certain rooms or with certain color schemes than others.

So how do you know when to mix or when to match the color of your décor? Here a few easy tips to use as a rule of thumb when it comes to deciding between

mixing and matching


1) The bigger the room, the better mixing works.

Mixing colors in a large, open family room or living room allows the décor to flow smoothly and look more refined than it would in a small bedroom. When you have a large room, you have more space to separate the mix of colors so the décor isn’t too busy or scattered. If you were to attempt mixing a number of colors in a small room, it would be too overwhelming. Try pairing a light sage green sofa with

red window treatments

! In a small space, those colors may be overwhelming in a large open room, they’ll work perfectly together.

2) Mixing depends on your color scheme.

Mixing colors

can add to a room’s uniqueness and draw attention to its architecture, but when you choose the wrongs colors to mix together, it can make a room look unkempt. When you are choosing colors to mix, be sure that you are mixing various neutrals with one or two pops of color. By mixing neutrals with vibrant colors, you are allowing the colors of the décor to complement one another rather than oppose it. When you mix with just neutrals, the colors will drown each other out and nothing will stand out and grab the attention of your guests. On the other hand, if you only use vibrant colors, there will be too much to take in as the various colors will be competing for your guest’s attention.

3) Mixing or matching depends on the mood you are trying to set.

What mood you want to set in a specific room dictates whether or not you will mix or match your color choices. If you want to convey a calm and simplistic vibe, matching is the way to go. However, if you want to set the tone for a lively and

vivacious room

, mixing is a must! Mixing can make a room fun and really add a pop of life to your home. Mixing keeps things interesting while matching keeps things subtle and safe.

So the question is not whether you should choose to have your home décor be all matching or all mixing, it’s more about strategically choosing the rooms that will work best for the two different types of décor. With these tips, you will be sure to master the art of mixing and matching the décor in your home! And remember,

window treatments

are a great asset when it comes to both mixing and matching in your home’s design. With so many fabrics and products to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding a

window treatment

to perfectly match an existing room, or to mix in and contrast with your

room’s décor

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