3 Fabric Patterns That Look Better Mixed Than They do Matched

Fabric Patterns That Look Better Mixed

When it comes to mixing the decorative elements in your home, it can be difficult to perceive which colors and patterns will look better mixed and which will look better matched. This dilemma is especially true when it comes to mixing and matching window treatments.

Since mixing draperies and blinds is becoming such a popular trend in interior design, here are a few basic rules of thumb for which fabrics look better mixed than they do matched:


Although Paisley is so beautiful and unique to decorate your home with, it is no secret that a little bit of paisley can go a long way. Paisley is a very busy and attention-grabbing pattern, which is perfect when it is being used in small quantities or being complemented by another design pattern. The best option to choose when mixing paisley would be a solid colored fabric; however mixing Paisley with bold stripes can make a forward-thinking interior design statement when the two are paired correctly.


We all have that grandmother whose entire window treatment décor is based solely on floral patterns, and we all know how badly and outdated that design choice can make a home look. Floral is a pattern that comes in a wide variety of sizes, patterns and colors, but it is certainly a type of pattern that must be mixed, rather than matched. Pairing your floral drapery with either a solid fabric, or a fabric that has a large swirled design are both great options if you choose to utilize this particular pattern in your home décor.


There is nothing worse than walking into a home where you start seeing spots because the décor is so overbearing. Even though polka dotted patterns are a classic go-to when it comes to home décor, this pattern choice can become overwhelming very quickly if it isn’t paired with a more subtle fabric. The best choice to use when mixing polka dotted patterns would be a solid color, however pairing it with a very light and muted geometric pattern such as squares or a trendy Moroccan pattern is a viable option as well.

Everyone has different tastes and perceptions when it comes to decorating their home, but these three tips are a great guide to follow when it comes to choosing patterns you should mix and patterns you should match. With these tips, you can easily master the art of mixing window treatments in your home!