6 Design Ideas for Arched Window Treatments

January 11, 2018
arched window treatments

Arched windows are a beautiful addition to any home, giving your design a unique touch. But, it can be difficult to find proper window treatments that complement your style and give you control over lighting and privacy. Here 6 are ideas for arched window treatments that provide beauty and function.


#1 Shutters

shutters arched window treatments

Known for their durability and everlasting beauty, shutters are a top choice for arched window treatments. They are custom crafted to fit your windows size and shape. And, it takes a simple adjustment of the louvers to change your light & privacy.


#2 Coordinating Shades

Honeycomb shades arched window treatments

Do you love a uniform look? Honeycomb shades will fit your windows beautifully, and they can be designed into custom arched window treatments. You’ll get all the benefits: style, privacy, and energy efficiency. Plus, with top down functioning, you can have just the right amount of light entering your space.


#3 Flowing Roman Shades

roman shades arched window treatments

Another gorgeous option for arched window treatments is roman shades. They flow effortlessly, creating a dynamic, waterfall look. If you have multiple arched windows in your space, consider Roman shades for a clean, uniform design.


#4 Leave it Bare

arched window treatments ideas

We often advise against bare windows, due to issues caused by too much direct sunlight, but arched windows might be our exception! By covering the larger window, you are able to protect your privacy and control the entering light. The uncovered arch brings light through the top, illuminating your home with mood-boosting daylighting.


#5 Drapery

Whether you layer other window treatments or style them alone, draperies will enhance your home with their timeless style. Leave the arch bare and let your draperies cover the remainder, or place them above the arch for dramatic, floor-to-ceiling coverage.


#6 Tableaux

tableaux arched window treatments

Looking to make a statement full of elegance? Tableaux is a stunning choice for arched window treatments. Cover the entire window for a distinct style, or outfit just your arch. The artistic faux iron will leave a lasting impression.


Which Arched Window Treatments Do You Love?

You can never go wrong with the classic look of shutters. What about something daring, like tableaux? You might want to create a clean, uniform look. We have options for every design style. Let us help you find your arched window treatments. Our team will show you the benefits of every option. Contact us today at Arizona Blinds, Shutters & Drapery to get started.