The Arizona Blinds Guarantee

Guarantee One

Our Price Guarantee

At Arizona Blinds, we understand that price is important, but we will never sell you off the shelf “cut-down” blinds or shades and call them custom. We wouldn’t put them in our house and we wouldn’t put them in yours. So what is our Price Guarantee? We will only sell you top quality products like Hunter Douglas, the largest manufacturer of blinds and shades in the world, or O’Hair Shutters, the highest quality built shutter on the market, or Panorama window films by SolarGard, featuring solar films that are actually carbon negative on our environment, and many others. ALL made right here in the USA. So yes, price is important. But so is making an investment that won’t fall apart in a couple of years. We promise to meet and beat any reputable dealer offering you the same quality of product, including brand, model, material, size and options with equal service and installation.

Guarantee Two

We sell only the best products.

We promise to strive to offer you quality products with the best workmanship possible. We are experts in the window covering industry, and we know which products will last and which ones won’t. Most of our window treatments come with limited lifetime warranties. Normal wear and tear is expected and not covered, but if we sell you a faulty product, we will fix or replace it. We are probably the only window treatment dealer in Arizona with a full-time customer service manager to ensure customer satisfaction.

Guarantee Three

We will not be late.

We know your time is valuable and we try to respect that in all that we do. If we aren’t respecting your time, we will give you a gift certificate to make for the lost time. We guarantee that your Arizona Blinds design consultant will be at your home or business on time or within an hour of your appointment. We also promise that your installation technician will arrive within your scheduled window or that you will be notified if there is a delay. If either of your consultant or your installation technician fails to arrive within the scheduled time frame agreed upon, we will give you a $25 gift certificate!

Some of the products that we stand behind:

O'Hair Shutters

No other manufacturer of shutters in the world offers a TRANSFERABLE LIFETIME WARRANTY that we’re aware of.

Right Choice blinds guarantee

Not very many dealers of Hunter Douglas can offer this Promise. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your Hunter Douglas purchased
product, you can exchange it for another product. Time limitations and other requirements apply, just ask us about it.

Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee