newest products

Get to Know Our Newest Products

Designs and products for the home are constantly evolving, and the world of window treatments is no different. The newest products are bringing everyday solutions and incredible style to homes everywhere. Hunter Douglas recently released their new products, and we’re here to show you what they have to offer.

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custom roller shades

Modern Styling, Amazing Solutions with Custom Roller Shades

A contemporary appeal, full of function, and coordinated with your home–you can have it all with today’s custom roller shades. While roller shades have been a favorite functional shade for generations, today’s sleek backdrops are not your grandmother’s shades. Beautiful, textured fabrics showcase the designer look of your home. The amazing features make your life easier. And, the atmosphere within your home is upgraded. Want to find out more?

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tableaux entryway decor

Custom Tableaux: 7 Ways to Use This Unique Decor

If you’d like your home to feature a prestigious look, consider adding custom tableaux. With the Old World charm of wrought iron motifs, but manufactured from resin and wood fiber, you’ll get classic styling that’s durable and lighter in weight. Besides adding a sophisticated air to your home, custom tableaux can bring levels of light control, privacy and security. We’ve got seven ways to use this unique décor in and around your home.

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living room blinds

Three Looks for Living Room Blinds

As a main area for entertaining guests and relaxing with your family, your living room is a prime place for showcasing style. It’s a space that calls for you to express yourself through the design elements you choose and to surround yourself with a look you love. When you think about styling this gathering spot in your home, furniture and accents are probably the first things that pop into your mind. But, the windows in your living room are just as essential. The way you dress your windows plays a huge role in the overall look and feel of the space. We love living room blinds. They instantly add beauty and enhance the comfort and atmosphere of your home. Plus, they’re stylistically versatile. There are so many ways you can incorporate them into your design. Here are three distinct looks. Which one speaks to you?

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home design

Home Design: The Ultimate Staycation

Picture your ideal vacation. Are you sitting in warm sand and listening to crashing waves? Is there a gorgeous mountaintop view? Are you surrounded by lush, green forests? Wherever your heart takes you, it’s a place of both peace and excitement. Why not bring the escape into your home design? See how you can turn a vacation into a staycation.

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energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Can Help You Survive the Arizona Heat

You live here, so you know…it’s hot…so, so hot! I mean, when people are wearing oven mitts to drive their cars and plastic garbage cans and mailboxes are melting, there’s no denying how intense the sun and heat are right now. As temperatures skyrocket outside, they’re also driving up the temperature inside of your home along with the cost of cooling it down–especially if you don’t have the right window coverings in place. Surviving this massive heatwave–along with the typical day-to-day heat that we experience here–will be so much easier if you can boost energy efficiency in your home. And one of the best ways to do that is with window coverings. Here are four energy efficient options to consider…

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ClearView: Dynamic View, Incredible Style

Arizona sees sunny days year-round. Its nice to soak up the natural sunshine, but sometimes you just have to escape the heat. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the sun from inside, without dealing with heat and glare? We have the solution: Hunter Douglas Silhouette ClearView. This before and after shows what this innovative new product can do for your space.
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layered shades

Layered Shades: Amazing Design + Incredible Benefits

Are you searching for the right window treatments? Look no further…layered shades are here to bring your home gorgeous style & even better benefits. From the easy to use function, to protection from the sun, they will easily become your favorite window treatments. Take a look at what these shades can do for your home & lifestyle.

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