Cordless Options: Safety & Convenience Throughout Your Home

September 28, 2017

Can you believe September is on its way out and fall is officially here? Along with a bit of relief from triple-digit temperatures, the month of October brings the observance of National Window Covering Safety Month. This nationwide effort is designed to educate parents and caregivers about the dangers of corded window treatments. Each year infants and children sustain injuries and even die from accidents with window covering cords. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here at AZ Blinds, we have a range of cordless options that will help you create a safer home and add incredible convenience to your life. Take a look at the top features and benefits of child-safe operating systems for the windows throughout your home.

Safety Where They Sleep

Cordless Options

  • Blackout options promote quality sleep
  • Adjustable privacy increases comfort
  • Styles grow with your kids
  • Safety is assured

After stories are read and bodies are snuggled under covers, you deserve to turn out the lights in your children’s bedrooms with the confidence that they’re safe. Cordless options help you do just that. No cords mean no danger. So, you can create the ideally dark and private environment that’s essential for getting quality sleep while ensuring that your little ones are safe. Have you seen our LiteRise operating system? It’s a favorite for bedrooms because it’s so easy to use. Simply use your fingers to raise or lower your window coverings. That’s it! Even tiny hands can nudge the shades up to take a peek outside after a night of wonderfully sweet dreams.


Protection Where They Play

Cordless Options

  • Easy cleaning and durable materials
  • Adjustments are a breeze
  • Light and privacy control are at your fingertips
  • Playtime is safer

Children are born to create, imagine, and explore. Sometimes the simplest things become the best toys. While a pots-and-pans drum set is probably pretty harmless, a window-cord lasso isn’t. Tangles are bound to happen, and injuries and deaths are definitely possible. That’s why it’s so important to outfit playrooms with cordless options. Shutters are very popular because they’re durable, easy to clean, and cordless by design. They’re also stunningly beautiful! Adjustable light and privacy control enables you to set the perfect scene for playtime. And while your kids have some serious fun, you won’t have to worry.


Security Throughout Your Home

Cordless Options

  • Motorization and automation upgrade your life
  • The ideal atmosphere is yours in an instant
  • Room-darkening options enhance comfort
  • Cordless options keep everyone safe

Your children don’t just live life in their bedrooms and playrooms. Safety at the window has to extend throughout your entire house. Among the many cordless options available for your home, motorization is by far the most incredible. It offers the utmost in safety for your kids and delivers the ultimate in convenience for your lifestyle. Touch-of-a-button control provides the atmosphere you want in an instant. Scheduling your blinds and shades to adjust in harmony with your daily life frees you up to enjoy every moment at home with your family. And with power for adjustments, rather than cords, you can live with the peace of mind that your little ones are safe.


Cordless Options: Safety Is Serious Business

Here at Arizona Blinds, Shutters, and Drapery, we take the safety of your family very seriously…just like you do. LiteRise, shutters, and motorization are just the beginning of the cordless options that can work for your home. So whether you have kids to keep safe, furry friends to look out for, or simply want a sleek design, we can help. Visit us at one of our showrooms to explore your options firsthand. Or, invite one of our designers over and see them in the comfort of your own home. Contact us today for your free, in-home consultation.


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