Custom Shutters Keep You in Control of the Strong Phoenix Sun

Custom Shutters Keep You In Control of Phoenix Heat

Living in Phoenix, Arizona comes with a long list of perks: beautiful views, comfortable winters, and year-round pool season, but it also comes with a few drawbacks. One of those drawbacks being the extremely strong Phoenix sun that when the time of day is just right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it), glares straight through your undressed and untreated windows, causing blinding brightness, glares on TV’s and a powerful heat that seems to come out of nowhere. If you have this problem in your home, be sure to keep reading because we have a solution for you!

At Arizona Blinds, Shutters & Drapery, we offer custom shutters made from O’Hair American Hardwood Shutters materials. We take their high-quality product and put our own Arizona Blinds’ customized spin on them when it comes to sizing, assembling, painting, staining and installing.

Shutters are one of the most convenient and easy-to-use window treatments available. Shutters can be easily opened and closed with the simple movement of the tilt bar.

• The tilt bar is that thin vertical bar that is placed in the middle of shutters that adjusts the louvers.
• The louvers are the wide horizontal panels that block the sun and the heat from entering your home. They make up the majority of your shutters.

Unlike drapes where you are more limited to the amount and types of light you let into your home, custom shutters allow you to alter the amount of light that comes in and the angle at which that light shines. By adjusting the tilt bar, you can angle the light up, down or straight ahead, depending on your specific wants and needs, as well as depending on the time of day. With shutters, you are also able to completely open and fold them back to the sides, letting in ample lighting and (hopefully) enjoying a gorgeous Phoenix view.

If it is early in the morning and your windows face east, you may want to block out the sun and keep your shutters fully closed. Or, you may want to angle the louvers upwards, directing the sunlight to your ceiling, creating a bright, yet enjoyable (meaning not blinding) lighting scheme.

If it is the start of your evening and you are watching the news in your family room, you probably want to ensure that your shutters are angled all the way up, all the way down, or are closed completely to keep the sun from glaring on your TV screen.

With custom shutters, you have the control to let in as much or as little light into your home. Not only are shutters customizable and convenient, they are also a beautiful staple piece that will up the style in any Phoenix home.