Decorating with Patterns: Tips & Tricks from the Experts

September 14, 2017

Want to know the secret to creating a home full of life, personality, and gorgeous style? Patterns. Decorating with patterns infuses energy and a designer look into any space. You can mix and match prints, go big and bold, or add just a touch. It’s all up to you. But diving into the world of designs all alone might seem a bit scary. That’s why we’re here. Our expert designers have some tips and tricks for how to work with patterns in your home design to ensure a fabulous result. Take a look…

One and Done

decorating with patternsWhen decorating with patterns, using a single print goes a long way to upgrade the style in a room. So how do you choose the right one? Start by deciding where you want to incorporate the pattern. This will help you determine what size design will work best in your space. If you’re going to put it on a larger item–like a wall, rug, window treatment, duvet, or sofa–it’s best to use a large- or medium-scale pattern. The expansive space provides enough room for the pattern to repeat and be appreciated in its entirety. Small-scale patterns have a tendency to look busy on bigger pieces, so they’re best-suited to accessories. Once you know where your pattern will be featured, you can use other decor elements in the room to guide you toward colors and designs that will coordinate and create a sense of composure. Here, the cool gray and white of the patterned shades balance out the warmth of all the wood in the kitchen. And, the diamond design pairs perfectly with the squares on the backs of the metal stools.


Mix and Mingle

Layering patterns creates captivating visual appeal. The interplay of designs brings interest and personality in a way that no other design element can. But just the thought of mixing patterns can be intimidating. You certainly don’t want to create an eyesore! So, how do you avoid the pitfalls and hang-ups that come with combining prints? Try working from one of our hard-to-go-wrong formulas:

    • decorating with patternsPair Stripes with Anything: Stripes are basically a neutral in the pattern world. It’s almost as if they weren’t a pattern at all. This makes them easy to combine. Try a few different size stripes with a polka dot, floral, or pretty much any other design you love.
    • Combine Different Sizes: When decorating with patterns, it’s often best to vary the size of the prints you’re using. Too many of the same and you’ll have a cluttered look or patterns fighting each other for your attention. Choose one small, one medium, and one large pattern to help ensure a gorgeous result.
    • Control Your Color Palette: If you want a foolproof way to mix patterns, restrain your color palette. Selecting a variety of prints in the same two colors practically guarantees a great result. Another way to go is by finding patterns that have the same background color. This will help them to feel related even if their designs don’t have a set color scheme.
    • Assemble a Pillow Collection: Pillows are a fun way to incorporate patterns into a space with very low commitment. Creating a collection allows you to combine lots of designs, and you can change them up whenever you want. As you assemble your set, make sure to include at least one solid and balance out curved designs with angular ones–like the vibrant pillow collection in this dining nook.


decorating with patternsIn-Vogue and On-Trend

An easy way to bring modern appeal and incredible style into your rooms is by decorating with patterns that are at the top of the design trend charts. Right now, one pattern in particular is taking center stage: trellis. One of the best things about this print is its versatility. It looks fabulous on just about anything: rugs, window treatments, upholstery, walls, the list goes on! And today’s variations on the classic look mean that you can make it work in a way that will fit your favorite colors and styles. This office space shows that just a touch of a soft and subtle trellis print is certainly enough to create a stunning scene. You can also go big and bold by splashing it on an accent wall in a strong color paired with crisp white.


Decorating with Patterns & Us

Are you ready to start decorating with patterns in your home? We’re ready to help! Our design experts can show you how to create an incredible look and guide you toward patterns and products that are just right for you and your unique spaces. From the latest patterns on shades and drapery panels to the elegant designs of custom tableaux, we have the perfect way for you style your home. Stop in to see us at one of our showrooms, or contact our team at Arizona Blinds, Shutters, & Drapery for a free, in-home consultation today.


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