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Entryway Decor: What’s Your Style?

It’s the first thing guests see in your home, and it greets you when you walk in after a long day…what kind of impression does your entryway decor make? Incorporating your personal style will create a warm welcome to anyone who enters. Are you looking for entryway decor ideas? We have a few tips…

Lighting is Key

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Natural light can work wonders for your mood. Imagine walking into your home: the warm sunshine is illuminating your space, your entryway decor is perfectly lit, and your personal style shines through your design. The key to setting up the perfect entryway environment is to focus on the light. Too much natural light can be overbearing, and not enough light seems unwelcoming. The right window treatments will help you achieve the balance you desire. Sometimes a home design doesn’t allow for ample natural light. That’s okay! If you light your space with artificial lights, try changing the lightbulbs to create a unique, bright look.

Add Function & Style

Did you ever think that storage areas would be considered stylish? Right now, trendy storage spaces are a must-have in the design world, and they are perfect for adding to your entryway decor. Plus, they bring function into your home by creating a stylish space to store your everyday essentials, like your shoes, bags, and coats. Storage spaces allow you to hide these items, but also make them easily accessible. Assign spots for your family members, and watch as clutter becomes clean and organized!

Incorporate Your Favorites

There are many ways to incorporate your favorite styles into your entryway decor. What colors are you loving? Decorating with your favorite color will add character to your home. Consider a soothing hue for a welcoming vibe. Want to go bold? Your entryway decor will be exciting and fresh with your favorite pop of color. Find accents that speak to your design style. You’ll feel at home and welcome as soon as you step in the door. For an elegant and unique touch, add iron art to your entryway windows. We offer tableaux custom motifs and can help you design the perfect piece.

Decorate with the Finishing Touch

tableaux entryway decor

Turn your entryway into one of elegant sophistication with the wrought iron look of Tableaux. Beautiful for doors, windows, skylights and wall decor, this artistic look can be customized to fit your individual taste. Coordinated with your home’s unique decor, the finishing touches are often the finest. Whether you are selecting the hardware to finish off draperies, the top treatments to refine your window coverings, or this artisanal design element of Tableaux, your style will shine throughout your entryway decor.

Let’s Design Your Entryway Decor

Making a great impression in your home is easy when you find the right entryway decor. Incorporate your favorite designs to let your personality shine through. Are you looking to revamp your entryway decor? We’re ready to help. Whether you need help with light control, want to create a custom design for your windows, or need design advice, we’re here to guide you through creating the perfect entryway. Contact our team at Arizona Blinds, Shutters & Drapery for a free, in-home consultation.