Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives


At Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery, we understand the importance of our impact on the environment and always strive to do what is best for our world. From our local Arizona manufacturing, to sustainable products and practices, we continue to do our part to help our environment.

All of our products are manufactured in the United States. We don’t ship our products from over-seas, and when possible, we use local Arizona manufactures to keep business in our state. We do this to ensure the use of high quality sustainable products and to eliminate transportation pollution cause by transporting products large distances. In addition, we build our own shutters and drapery in Phoenix, to further cut down on emitting pollutants into the air we breathe. Many products that are imported from overseas will travel over 7,000 miles on numerous boats and trucks before arriving to your home. Our shutters are manufactured locally and are delivered by our own trucks from the factory floor to your home. They are wrapped in furniture blankets, which are re-used, not wrapped in non-recyclable plastic and plastic foam products.

The products that we manufacture are also built with sustainable materials. For our shutters, we use sustainable basswood from the Northeast U.S, finished with a 100% natural basecoat, followed by two coats of natural paint or stain. The finishes are made from soy and emit absolutely no indoor pollutants. We also have an LEED certified roller shade materials that we use.

Not only do we use sustainable products and practices, we also offer products to help you be sustainable as well. Most air conditioned air inside homes escape right out the window, wasting energy, insufficiently cooling your home. At Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery, we offer many ways to insulate your windows to reduce your energy usage. Let us start by installing a clear solar window film by Lumar that will decrease the heat by about half and then finish it off with the new, fashionable Hunter Douglas Architella shade which can reduce energy loss up to 50% at the window. These window treatments can heavily reduce your energy usage and save you money.

So what’s stopping you? Call Arizona Blinds, Shutters and Drapery to see how we can decrease your energy usage and help you to do your part in saving our environment!