Home Office Design: Tips for Comfort & Productivity

January 4, 2018
home office design

Working from home was once a distant dream, but to many, it’s now a reality. We’ve seen a big shift in the work world over the past few years, and more & more people are working remotely, making it necessary to have a home office. Is your home office design set up for success? You need the right atmosphere, light, privacy, and organization. The right combination will help you stay motivated during the work day. Here are a few ways to create the right office environment in your home.


Balance the Light

top down shades home office

At first, having uncovered windows might seem like a great idea; you get a view outdoors and beautiful, natural lighting. But, it can actually be disastrous! Flooding light can make you tired, and not to mention the horrible glare on your computer screen. You’ll have to strain your eyes to focus. On the opposite side, not enough lighting can impact your level of energy. Coffee might help for a while, but you’ll be left feeling drained and uncomfortable throughout the day.


The lighting in your home office design plays a key role in giving you energy and helping you stay motivated. Top down shades are a great solution to common issues caused by too much sun. Lower your shade from the top to let the natural light spread across your ceiling. You’ll enhance your mood and productivity with the natural light, while the shade balances the amount that enters. Plus, you won’t have to deal with glare or direct rays of sun!


Comfortable Temperature

energy efficient home office design

The weather has cooled down, but Arizona experiences extremely hot days throughout the year. Your home office environment should help you stay focused, energetic, and productive. This can seem impossible when your space is overheated, or there’s a cool draft making you chilly! Make your space comfortable by maintaining the right temperature.


One way you can control the light and temperature in your home office design is by incorporating energy efficient shades. They will help to keep your temperature steady and comfortable. Make your shades motorized for an effortless solution to controlling your environment. Not too hot, not too cold…just right!


The Home Office Design You Deserve

dual shades

There are so many advantages to working from home, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t pitfalls. You’re never really “away” from work, and it’s easy for your personal life to interfere with your work day. Overcome these common challenges by creating a home office design that’s customized to your needs and preferences.


Window coverings offer solutions for light control, privacy, and comfort. Dual shade systems are a popular choice for easy, adjustable control. The two shades, one sheer and one blackout, operate individually, so you can customize your environment the way you like. Another way to adjust your ambiance is to simply shift the vanes of your shades. We have options that will fit your office space beautifully. Let us show you. Come visit our showroom, or contact us at Arizona Blinds, Shutters & Drapery for a free, in-home consultation.