layered shades

Layered Shades: Amazing Design + Incredible Benefits

Are you searching for the right window treatments? Look no further…layered shades are here to bring your home gorgeous style & even better benefits. From the easy to use function, to protection from the sun, they will easily become your favorite window treatments. Take a look at what these shades can do for your home & lifestyle.

Protect Your Home

layered shades kitchen
Have you ever stepped into a room that doesn’t have window treatments? The sun shines through completely, making the room uncomfortably bright & warm. And, the furniture and decor is at risk of damage from the harsh UV rays. We have a solution: layered shades. The stripes of sheer fabric in between the woven bands protect from harmful UV rays by filtering the incoming light. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected when the sun is out & shining. 


Beautify Your Design

layered shades living room
Window treatments go beyond protecting your home. They add style & beauty to your design, often becoming a backdrop for your rooms. Layered shades are no exception. The gorgeous solid-color vanes lay in organized, horizontal lines, creating a clean look. Mezzanine Layered Shades are great for modern and minimalist designs. Choose from a variety of hues, textured weaves, or even metallics. Your home will look fabulous with these shades.  


Add Function to your Lifestyle

view through layered shades
Maintaining a comfortable environment is simple with these shades. How do you like your ambiance? Whether you’d like light to stream through, or your windows blocked off for privacy, layered shades will give you ultimate control. You can even preserve your view–all you have to do is adjust to your liking. Do you want a complete view outside? No problem…fully raise your shades into the fabric-wrapped cassette valance for a clean look & perfect view.


Love Layered Shades?

Clean, modern design & amazing function…who wouldn’t love layered shades? Can you picture these treatments somewhere in your home? We’d love to show you different options of colors and fabrics. Let our team help you find the perfect layered shades for your space. Contact our team at Arizona Blinds, Shutters & Drapery for a free, in-home consultation.