Layering Window Treatments for Polished Design

October 20, 2017

When you’re decorating, you often “just know” when you’re done. You get a feeling that things are complete. As you look around the spaces in your home, do you get a sense that your design is finished? Or does it feel a bit like a work still in progress? Layering window treatments can give you a polished look. The right combination of window coverings, draperies, and even top treatments will absolutely transform your home. Want to see how? Take a look at this room before and after layering.

layering window treatmentsUnfinished–Or, Just Enough?

Just looking at this room you can tell what your style needs are. Do the clean lines of the layered shades make it look complete? Graber layered shades create a clean look and illuminate the room with soft, natural light. Woven bands alternate with sheer fabric for a beautiful effect. If you love the minimalist look, the sleek style of shades will finish the space for you. But, if it’s too plain, your eyes might be drawn to the accent pillow or the florals on the table–searching for something else. You probably don’t get an overall sense of a completed design. Now zoom into the windows. The shades alone might not provide enough visual interest to bring the room together. Layering window treatments is the perfect way to accentuate the windows and complete the look in the room.


layering window treatmentsStylish & Complete

Check out this space now! What a difference! These draperies add the finishing touch for a softer look in this room. Not only do they complement the wooden table and coordinate with the pillow and florals, but they draw your eye to the windows and become the center of attention. On top of adding incredible beauty, they also keep cold drafts and heat out. So, controlling the temperature just got easier! Are you imagining the look and benefits of layering window treatments in your home? From the colors and fabric to the embellishments you choose, there’s so much you can do to create the perfect look for any space in your home.

Layering Window Treatments With Us

Are you thinking of layering window treatments in your home? Combining blinds or shades with draperies can amp up the style and finish off the look of your home. And adding a top treatment, like these cornice boards, can really polish your design. Layering offers so much more than just beauty, though. It adds security and helps to insulate your windows too. Ready to get started? Our team at Arizona Blinds, Shutters & Drapery is here to help! We’d love to guide you to the best combination of layers for the windows in your unique home. Visit one of our two showroom locations, or contact us for your free, shop-at-home consultation today!

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