Make your Patio an Outdoor Room with Window Treatments


Backyard patios tend to be forgotten when it comes to interior decorating, most likely because they are not interior rooms. That being said, just because patios are on the outside of a home does not mean they can’t be treated the same way your family or living room would be treated.

At Arizona Blinds, we like to suggest that customers decorate their back patios similarly to how they would decorate any indoor living space. Why shouldn’t your patio have furniture, accessories and even window treatments?

The Arizona climate allows homeowners to spend a generous amount of time outdoors throughout the year. While those that live in other states are inside due to snow, we can be outside enjoying our patios in comfort. In the summer, when those that live in other states are suffering through humidity and mosquitoes, we are enjoying our pools and keeping cool in the shade!

If your patio is lacking in the shade department, outdoor window treatments such as RollerShades are a great way to increase the shade and reduce the heat. They can be installed to just about any patio and block up to 96% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. This means that your patio can be out of the sun when you want it to be, and will be much cooler as a result. In addition to blocking the heat and sun from your patio, the RollerShades can also block the sun from coming into your home, which will in turn keep your home cooler in the summer months as well. This is especially helpful for those homes that have East or West facing back patios.

Make your patio a stylish and livable outdoor room with exterior patio products!

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