Metallic Decor Makes a Statement

Metallic Decor is making a combination statement of timeless style and exciting trend. Which finishes do you love? The options are endless. From glistening surfaces to functional hardware, the metals in our homes coordinate to create the overall design. What are the latest trends? Which rooms do they work well in? Take a look at our ideas for incorporating metallic decor in your home, and get ready to make one big style statement.


The Kitchen

Metallic decor has seen a surge in kitchens. Why? Simply stated, pendant lighting looks amazing in metallic finishes. And then, there’s the seating. Copper, antique brass and chrome are the latest finishes to make a statement in kitchens everywhere.

The Living Room

There are just so many options for metallic decor when it comes to living room design. Lighting is another option in this space, with accent lamps taking center stage. Easy to introduce to a space, with the ability to bring a pop of style, metallic decor is found in knick knacks, wall decor (we love the wall of mirrors!) and side tables.

metallic decor living room faux blinds

The Dining Room

The dining room is such a great space to bring in metallic decor. The wonderful thing about metal finishes is that they add such distinct character and charm. We love the look of antique brass nailheads on upholstered chairs. The wall decor with contrasting metal framing adds a layer of dimension. And, have we mentioned how much we love the look of metallic decor in lighting design?

The Bedroom

Bringing in elements of metallic decor is an essential part of bedroom design. The drapery hardware you select can make a statement of personal style, from subdued to standout. The fabrics and bedding you select add layers of style into the mix, and we are seeing more and more metallic versions being ushered in. Furniture can be adorned with metallic accents, or simply contrast the other elements in the space.

The Bath

Whether you’re considering making over your powder room, or heightening the style of your master bath, metallic decor will set this space apart. It’s just a natural setting for metals due to the fixtures in place. Do you like the traditional styling of brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze? Or, are you likely to go bold with shining chrome, rose gold or an industrial wrought iron? Tableaux looks amazing in the bathroom.

Metallic Decor: Make a Statement!

What may seem like trending style is simply an evolution of what’s been established. If you look around your home, metallic decor is found throughout. The lighting, hardware, drawer pulls, decor accents–you have so much opportunity to express your personal style. It all depends on which metallic finishes you invite in. At Arizona Blinds, Shutters & Drapery, we would love to help you style your home. Whether you love the wrought iron look of Tableaux, the sophistication of drapery fabrics and hardware or the contemporary appeal of metallic blinds, our design team is here to make your ideas into reality. Contact us today!