Window Treatment Motorization: Safety, Convenience and Privacy

Motorized Window Treatments for Safety Convenience and Privacy

Welcome to the 21st Century—home of the smart car, solar roofs, fingerprint locked photos and motorized window treatments. This century is all about how technological advancements can better improve our everyday lives. When it comes to the home, think window treatments; and when it comes to window treatments in the 21st Century, think motorization and automation!

At Arizona Blinds, we are always looking for the best possible solution to fix any and all of your window problems. Whether that problem includes a constant glare from an annoyingly (yet beautiful) tall window, lack of privacy due to oversized windows, or even your family’s safety, keep reading to learn how motorized window treatments can help solve all of these common problems.


Tall windows are often viewed as a luxury. They let in tons of natural light, bring the eye up, making even low rooms feel taller, and add a sense of drama to the home. That all being said, tall windows can cause some havoc when it comes to window treatments. At Arizona Blinds, we have no problem customizing the perfect treatments for your windows, no matter how tall they may be. The trouble comes into play when one or more of the exceptionally tall windows need to be opened or closed on a somewhat frequent basis. As we mentioned earlier, a tall window can let in a large amount of natural light that can brighten up any space, however that natural light can also cause an unwanted glare on your TV. Because the window is so tall, you cannot simply close the blinds or roll down the shades. This is where motorized window treatments come into play! Next time your tall window lets in an unwanted glare, instead of breaking out the step-stool or ladder, simply grab your remote (or smart phone with downloaded app), press the button and watch the glare disappear, all from the comfort and convenience of your couch.


Just as windows let in large amounts of light, they also allow for outsiders to look in. When night comes, you may find yourself walking the entire house, closing blinds, drapes and shutters, one by one, all to keep your neighbors and passerby’s from peaking inside your home. With the help of motorized window treatments, you can simply press a button on a remote or on your smart phone, and watch as all of the windows that you want covered, become covered.


Last but certainly not least is safety. Whether you are going to be out for the day, the night or are going out of town for an entire week, motorized window treatments can keep your home safe and your mind at ease. Window treatments that are motorized allow you to open and close your windows from your couch, the neighborhood restaurant, or even from across the country, by simply using your smart phone and the downloadable app. Fool the bad guys into thinking you are home all week long (when you are really on a business trip) by changing your windows from being open to closed, throughout the day.

Motorized window treatments are no longer a luxury—instead they are becoming more and more of the standard for homes all over the country that want to be convenient, hi-tech, safe and private. For families with children, and those without, advanced window covering motorization technologies can help keep your family safe and your mind at ease. Schedule your free design consultation to bring your home into the 21st century!