Playroom Design Ideas: Design a Space They’ll Love

October 5, 2017

Creative, imaginative play is essential for kids. Not only does it grow their brains, bodies, and friendships, but it gives them opportunities to make sense of their big, wide world. As they experiment, interact, and imagine, they learn. Therefore, a child’s playspace shouldn’t be put together haphazardly. If you’re looking to create a brand new playroom or refresh the one you have, take some time to think things through and plan. Wondering what’s important to consider in your playroom design? Take a look…

playroom designKid-Friendly Storage

When it comes to playroom design, storage is high on the must-have list. A cluttered, messy room really isn’t fun for anyone! Your children will have a hard time finding what they want, and you’ll probably lose your mind just looking in there. Building kid-friendly storage into your design will help it stay neat and tidy. Low, open shelves and bins labeled with pictures and words allow your little ones to take what they want and clean up all by themselves. Clear containers are great for arts and craft supplies because your kids can see what they want right away. And it’s always nice to have some concealed storage for bulkier toys. Closing off a corner with custom draperies is a unique way to provide hidden storage that’s still easily accessible. Plus, the fabric will add fun patterns, colors, and textures to the space.


Personalization that Grows

playroom designAs you plan out your playroom design, consider ways to personalize it–to make it feel special and all their own. A simple way to start is by creating a means of displaying their artwork. Hanging a wire with clips allows your kids to show off their creations and change them out easily. And a chalk wall or marker board provides a blank canvas right on the wall! You can also have your little ones choose their favorite knickknacks and stuffies to put on shelves in the room. All of these ideas will give the space an individualized feel while promoting and inspiring creativity and learning. Plus, they’re future-proof! As your little ones become big ones, they can switch up what’s displayed and use the room for hanging out, watching movies, and playing games.


Comfort & Safety

playroom design ideas phoenixYour kids deserve a playspace that keeps them comfortable and safe, and you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are. Window coverings play a major role in shaping an atmosphere of comfort and safety in your playroom design. The right blinds or shades help maintain a consistent temperature, cut glare on screens, and protect everything from UV damage. They provide complete privacy control, so imaginations can run wild without the whole neighborhood watching. And, it’s imperative that they’re child-safe. Choose cordless options, child-safe alternatives, or motorization to ensure your kids are protected as they play. You won’t have to worry, and they’ll feel free and able to have some serious fun!


Playroom Design: We’re Here to Help!

Deciding to create a playspace for your children is the easy part…designing it can be tricky! Our team here at Arizona Blinds, Shutters & Drapery would love to share their expertise with you. Whether you’re looking for organization and style advice, trying to find blinds and shades that will work best, or just need some inspiration, we’re here to help! So, come on out to one of our showroom locations, or invite us in. We’d love to see your space in person and help you create an amazing playroom design for the little ones you love. Contact us today for your free, in-home consultation, and get ready to play!


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