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Premium Window Film: 5 Reasons You Need It Now

It’s heating up outside, with temperatures getting into the 100s every day now. Have your considered relieving some of summer’s issues with premium window film for your home? Don’t suffer another season at the mercy of the drastic heat. This product will be a lifesaver. Need more convincing? Here’s 5 reasons why you need premium window film now.

#1 Your windows face East or West.

Consider the directional location of your windows. The worst ones? Those that face East and West. East facing windows have sun directly on them from sunrise on. And that morning sun, while shedding gorgeous light on your landscape, turns into desperate frustration and rising temperatures by mid-morning. West facing windows start introducing sunshine in the early afternoon. That might be great for boosting the slower part of your day, but by dinner, you are probably ready to escape the brutal sunshine and heat. Premium window film maintains comfortable temperatures and reduced glare, providing the ideal atmosphere, no matter which direction your windows face.

Premium Window Film AZ solar film

#2 Saving money is a big deal to you.

This is a given. If you’ve lived in the Phoenix area for any amount of time, you know that those energy bills can be outrageous. Premium window film can transform your energy savings due to two factors. Daylighting is possible–alleviating artificial light, since you can enjoy the light that’s entering, instead of closing yourself off to it. And, of course, by reducing the amount of time your air conditioner is running, that’ll result in tremendous savings.

Premium Window Film energy savings

#3 Your view is spectacular.

We imagine that one of the reasons you love it here in Arizona is because of the perpetual beauty of the landscape. Without premium window film, we’re guessing your home resembles a cave. Do you find yourself closed off from the world, just to escape the heat, direct light and glare? Premium window film allows you to enjoy the gorgeous views just beyond your windows without having to suffer summertime consequences.

Premium Window Film view preservation

#4 You live near a golf course.

Is there anyone in Arizona that doesn’t live near a golf course? Well, there is, but for many of you, living near a golf course is the reality. If you live close enough that you can hear the golfers chatting in the early morning hours, have you ever found errant golf balls? The reality of living near a course is that balls can fly in unintended directions. When they come towards your home, premium window film offers a level of protection that is unparalleled.


#5 You live in Arizona. You need premium window film.

Well, hello…this is a given. If you live in Arizona, you need premium window film. Don’t spend another summer at the mercy of the sun. At Arizona Blinds, Shutters & Drapery, we can outfit your home with solutions for comfort, efficiency and a beautiful view! Contact our team today for a free, in-home estimate.