Two Window Treatments That Will Cool Down Your Home

Solar Film and Solar Screens to Cool Your Home

Solar Screens and Solar Film are two extremely functional window treatment options offered here at Arizona Blinds! While they are two different products, Solar Screens and Solar Film produce similar sun blocking and home cooling results that are perfect and often times essential, for Arizona homes.

Arizona is home to some of the hottest summers around. With the help of Solar Screens or Solar Film, you can strategically and cost-effectively cool down your home. Solar Screens replace your home’s existing window screens to keep the sunlight and heat from coming in. They are extremely dark screens specifically designed to reduce heat transfer through windows, reduce glare and harmful sun rays, without blocking your view. These screens will dramatically cool down and add privacy to your home – you can see out of Solar Screens, but outsiders cannot see in.

If you’re looking for a way to cool down your home without adding additional privacy, Solar Film may be just the product you are looking for. Solar Film is a thin film that is installed into your existing glass, providing you with a maintenance free product that reflects the heat, reduces the UV rays and protects your indoor furnishings.

When it comes time to choose which product is right for your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. Solar Screens can be swapped out with your homes regular window screens depending on the time of year. This gives you the option of letting more natural light shine in during the cooler months, and blocking it out during summer months. Solar Film is more permanent, however it also works as a glass protector, adding a layer to the glass for protection, strength, and to hold the glass together in case a window breaks.

Each product will help protect your home from the harsh Arizona sun, block out the harmful rays and cool down the temperature in your home. No matter which product you choose, we know you will be happy with the significant and positive changes Solar Screens and Solar Film can have on your home!