Window Solutions: Comfort & Privacy

November 9, 2017

The seasons are changing. While others prepare to hibernate in the midst of cold and snow, we are just itching to get outside! Cooler temps will be rolling in, and the sun’s intensity will tick down a few notches. Hallelujah! The only downside, really, is we that don’t have quite as much daylight. Granted, fourteen hours of scorching-hot summer sun is pretty miserable. But when we slide down to only ten hours of energizing rays, it can really do a number on us. Window solutions can help you harvest the benefits of natural light and keep you comfortable all year round.

window solutionsLove the Light

While there’s so much to love about winter here in Arizona, dark mornings and dark evenings can definitely pull us down. The right window solutions will help you bring in the light to boost your energy, productivity, and overall feeling of happiness. And, those solutions are all about control. There’s no question that overexposure to sunlight is frustrating. Glare and brightness are just as apt to wreak havoc on your mood as darkness. The key to a happy home and life lies in welcoming the perfect amount of light into your spaces. Directional control, light filtering, and the right fabrics will help you do just that this winter and all year long!


window solutionsProtect Privacy

Opening the blinds in the winter is such a joy…until you realize your neighbors can see right into your home! We’re so used to our windows being covered up to shield our homes from summer sun, that we often take privacy for granted. So, can you maintain privacy and enjoy the light? You bet! Top down bottom up shades for daylighting are the ideal window solutions. Simply lower the tops just enough to allow glowing sunlight to flow across your ceiling. The bottoms stay covered, your home stays private, and your life stays comfortable. Win, win, win!


window solutionsElevate Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient window coverings are a total must-have for summertime here in Arizona. Without them, light and heat pour in, and our ACs kick into overdrive–as do our energy bills. But, energy efficiency is still important during the cooler months. While 80 degrees outside might feel like heaven, it’s definitely not what you want to see on your thermostat. Energy-efficient window solutions provide a layer of insulation to help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home (and money in your wallet) throughout the whole year.


motorized blinds and shadesWindow Solutions for Winter and Beyond!

As you gear up for fun in the sun this winter, remember to rest and relax too! Some days snuggling in bed is going to be your favorite thing to do. So, check out this article for inspiration on how to create a bedroom sanctuary you’ll love. And then imagine adjusting your levels of light and privacy from under the covers. That’s right, with motorized blinds and shades, you can fashion the perfect atmosphere at the touch of a button. You can also get in touch with our team here at Arizona Blinds, Shades, & Drapery without ever leaving the comfort of your bed. We’ll help you schedule a FREE, in-home consultation so you can find the right window solutions for your home.


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